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New books about our Robert Berry family were published in September 2015. The name of the first book is “Our Berrys in Frontier America Revised and Updated” and the other book is named “Robert Berry Family Tree Index (300 Years and Seven Generations), (Second Edition)“. This book can be downloaded FREE from this web site.

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rhouse rberryhome fiddletonburns

On the left above is a picture of a scale model that Benjamin Berry Henderson built from measurements taken from the other two pictures of Robert Berry’s plantation home at Fiddleton, Orange County, North Carolina. Robert Berry built this home only 15 years after he settled in the wilderness of North Carolina in 1751 and ten years before the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. The square footage was about three times that of an average settlers cabin at that time.


Some Surnames Associated with our Berry Family:

Aldridge, Anderson, Ashley, Bobo, Blalock, Bowling, Box,Brasher, Breeze, Brinkley, Brown, Camp, Carr, Cate, Cozart, Crow, Crowley, Davis, Dippold, Dunnigan, Ellison, Farquhar, Fowler, Gray, Gregory, Gutman, Habel, Harris, Holeman, Hollowell, Hollaway, Howell, Hutchinson, Hutchings, Jackson, Kempe, King, Kizzah, Lawrence, Long, Lunsford, Maddry, Moore, Murray, Mangum, Martin, Mathias, Mcclure,M oakemurdock, Nichols, Oakley, Parker, Parrish, Pickle, Pigg, Reed, Riley, Rimmer, Simpson, Shipman, Starke, Tapp, Taylor, Thorpe, Tilley, Toler, Turley, Waggoner, Wagoner, Whitson, Williamson

Some of the other Family Surnames who Married into our Berry Family and might find relatives on this website and in My books can be viewed  by Clicking Here. 

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We have Berry cousins who live in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, California, Connecticut, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, Indiana, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Kansas, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wyoming, and Wisconsin.

Our Berry family started migrating from Orange County, North Carolina, as early as 1782. Today we have Many Berry Families who still live in the counties that were settled by their ancestors who left North Carolina. These locations include Person County NC, Orange County NC, Durham County NC, Fayette County Alabama, Blount County Alabama, Cullman County Alabama, Wayne County Tennessee, Lincoln County Tennessee, areas surrounding Atlanta Georgia, Rusk County Texas, and Burnet County Texas.