Benjamin Berry Henderson Sr.


My direct Berry family line as far back as I know.                                                                             Roger Williamson and Ann Foster                                                                                                     Richard Williamson and Mary Kemp daughter of George Kemp and Mary Hutchinson Mary Williamson and Robert Berry                                                                                                 Robert Berry and Elizabeth Cate                                                                                             William Berry and Hannah Cate                                                                                                       Thomas Person Berry and Sarah Lunsford                                                                                John Robert Berry and Elizabeth Frances Bowling                                                               Wiley P. Berry and Ida Ann Wilson                                                                               Sally Malena Berry and Jesse Clyde Henderson                                                                               Benjamin Berry Henderson Sr.

I began to research the Berry Family of which my mother descended 20 years ago in 1997. This has been a most rewarding effort. My wife and I  went to Texas to spend some time with my her college roommate and her husband. I learned that he had subscribed to Jim was a computer nerd like me and while I was looking at some of his good equipment he called up my Henderson family on his copy of Family Treemaker. There was a very accurate listing of my family. I was flabbergasted and said to myself, I will have one of those programs when I return home. Shortly after that one of my cousins wife died and at her funeral another of my Berry cousins suggested that we should do a family tree for our Berry family.  This was the  spark that started my quest. I only knew a little about my great grandfather, John Robert Berry, when I subscribed to myself. I am now 87 years old and decided to add my life story to my web page “”

My life began on Wednesday May 28 1930. I was born in Dr. Thomas Meridith’s plantation home that was built before the Civil War. Dr Meredith founded the women’s college known as Meredith College in Raleigh North Carolina

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