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Please note: If you would like to be introduced to other cousins who are researching our Berry line, please let us know by including the following  “I would like to know my Family” in the text of your reply to us.  Please include the other requested information as well, so we can contact you back. When we determine that you or a family member are a descendant of Robert Berry and Elizabeth Cate and you have expressed your interest in getting this information, we will send you a list of emails and contact information of other consenting Berry cousin’s who are also researching our Berry family by email. We value your privacy and will not publish your information on this web site unless we obtain your permission first.

Getting to know the other living dedicated Genealogical family researchers of our Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry family is a great way to expand our knowledge. We know this from 20 years of doing it the hard way. It took me 2 years before I met my first family Distant Cousin on the internet. She lived in Texas and happened to be descended from my ggg grandfathers half sister.  As more and more contacts were made we began to finally connect the dots and once we started using Y-DNA our knowledge expanded rapidly .  We then knew who we were dealing with after that.                                                                                                      It recently occured to me that our current website provided no way to accomplish this. Connecting in the younger generations is so important. You are the researchers who will carry on this research after our generation can no longer participate.

Option (1) If you include this statement”I would like to know my Family“with your search question  entered in the contact form we will reply to your search question and your email address will be placed on a private list separate from our web page and will only be shared  with other Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry  family researcher.

Option (2) If you don’t include “I would like to know my Family” with your search question  entered in the contact form we will reply to your search question and your Email will not be shared with anyone. The choice is entirely yours