Cora Dena Berry NC

Cora Dena Berry, daughter of John Robert and Elizabeth Frances Bowling Berry


Generation 1 Robert and Mary Williamson Berry

Generation 2 Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry

Generation 3 William and Hannah Cate Berry

Generation 4 Thomas Person and Sarah Lunsford Berry

Generation 5 John Robert and Elizabeth Francis Bowling Berry

           Cora Dena Berry .

On June 26th 1889 she married Asahel Frank Breeze. This Couple lived in Orange County , North Carolina and had nine children.

frankandcorahs    Cora and Frank’s Headstone

Asahel Frank Breeze and Cora D. Berry are buried at Berrys Grove Baptist Church Cemetery in, Orange  County, North Carolina. Cora’ Berry’s Father and Mother donated the land for the church. Frank Breeze was born on September 5th 1860 and he died on  June 26th 1950. Cora Berry Breeze was born on January 14th 1868 and she died on  September 18th, 1947.

Frank and Cora had nine children. Seven of the children lived to adulthood. Their twin daughters lived less than a year.


  1. Bertha Breeze (Toler) b April 14 1890 buried Walnut Grove Church Cemetery(Source Family records d. Jan 2 1968 Source #2 death Certificate.)
  2. Mary Frances Breeze b May 27th 1891 d February 11 1984
  3. Robert H. Breeze b June 29th 1892 d March 27th 1953
  4. Sallie L. Breeze (Umstead) b November 18 1893 d Dec. 17 1972
    (Source death Certificate)
  5. Luna Breeze b May 23rd 1895 d February 15 1970 married David T. Chandler in 1930.
  6. Margaret (Maggie) L. Breeze b 1901 d 1985
  7. Beatrice Breeze b June 1 1902 d November 14 1999
  8. Liva Breeze b July 18 1904 d April 8 1905
  9. Lydia Breeze b July 18th 1904 d March 29 1905

Frank and Cora Dena Berry Breeze lived in Ceader Grove, Little River Township

Update June 26 2012

Census Information:

“ Frank and Cora Breeze were living in Cedar Grove two farms away from Cora’s sister Emma and John Sanders Berry in 1900”

  • Ashel Frank Breeze and Cora D. Berry Breeze are in the 1900 Orange County Census
  • Cora and Frank Breeze were living on the next farm beside Emma and John Sanders Berry in 1910
  • Cora Berry Breeze inherited her father John Robert Berry’s home when he died in 1917. Cora and Frank moved to Little River Township in 1920. Cora Berry Breeze was now living between two of her brothers
  • Ashel Frank and Cora Berry Breeze in the 1930 Orange County Census Their Son Robert Breeze was living beside them in John Robert Berry’s House. John Robert Berry  died in 1917