YDNA matching William Berry YDNA

You Can compare your own Y DNA results with our William Berry Markers and if you match most of our markers out of 37 you are likely to be in our family.  If you have a first marker of 13 instead of 14 we are extremely anxious  for you to contact us.Please contact us using the Contact us button above.


We must prove which (if any) of William Berry’s Descendants is the Father of Robert T Berry As you can see below the only difference between William Berry’s 67 marker                 Y DNA and the Unknown Berry Line’s Y DNA is the very first marker. William’s is a 14 and the Unknown Berry’s is a 13

1-25 marker William Berry Line       14-24-15-10-11-14-12-12-12-13-13-29-17-9-9-11-11-25-15-19-29-14-15-17-18-

1-25 marker Unknown Berry line    13-24-15-10-11-14-12-12-12-13-13-29-17-9-9-11-11-25-15-19-29-14-15-17-18-

26-37 marker William Berry Line     10-10-19-23-15-15-18-20-37-37-12-10-

26-37 marker Unknown Berry Line 10-10-19-23-15-15-18-20-37-37-12-10-

38-67 marker William Berry Line     11-9-15-16-8-10-10-8-10-10-12 -23-23-16-10-12-12-15-8-12-22-20-14-12-11-13-11-11-14-12

38-67 marker Unknown Berry Line 11-9-15-16-8-10-10-8-10-10-12 -23-23-16-10-12-12-15-8-12-22-20-14-12-11-13-11-11-14-12

Robert T Berry was born in Alabama(Coosa) Hatchet Creek in 1849 and has a living descendant who matches the William Berry YDNA by 66 markers out of 67. This is a very close match but we have not been able to tie Robert T Berry to any known descendant of Our William Berry or any other descendant of Robert Berry who lived all of his adult life in Orange County  North Carolina from 1751 until he died in 1814.

In the 1850 census of Robert Roberson there is a 20 year old Robert Berry living with  a next Farm from the Blankenship  family. We believe this Robert Berry is the Father of the Robert Roberson who is three months old. We believe Robert Robertson is really Robert T Berry. Robert T Berry said his mother was Susan Roberson who was living next door to Robert Berry in Ruben Blankenship’s’ listing. Robert Berry was 20 and was born in South Carolina about 1830 and Susan Roberson was 22. and born in Alabama about 1828.

1850 Susan Roberson coosa county ALA


Below is a list of all or Robert Berry’s male children, grand children, and great grandchildren who were alive and where they were living in 1830 when our mystery Robert Berry was born and who was living with the Blankenship couple in the 1850 census.

  • Gen    Name                   Born     Born          Age in 1830              Location in 1830
  • 1.Robert Berry          1729                        Died 1814             Orange County NC.
  • 2.Robert Berry Jr.   1760                           70                         Fayette County Alabama.
  • 3. George Berry                           1787                43                          Fayette Co. Ala married.
  • 4. John Berry                               1815                15                           Fayette Co. Ala
  • 4. Henry James Berry                1823                 7                           Fayette Co. Ala
  • 4. George W. Berry                     1830                 1                           Fayette Co. Ala
  • 4. James Berry                            1835          not born
  • 3. John Berry                              1790                 40                         Fayette County Alabama.
  • 3.Henry G. Berry                        1792                 38                         Fayette Co. Ala married
  • 3.David Middleton Berry         1805                 25                          Fayette Co. Ala married
  • 3.Thompson P. Berry                1896                24                          Fayette Co. Ala married
  • 2.John Berry              1762                        Died 1804          Jackson County GA 
  • 3.Joshua Berry                            1797                33                          Unknown
  • 3.Robert Berry                            1798                32                          Unknown
  • 3.William Berry                          1894                26                          Fayette Co. Ala married
  • 4.John H. Berry                          1827                  3                          Fayette County Alabama.
  • 2.Joshua Berry          1766                          64                       Orange Co. NC married
  • 3.Robert Berry                            1798                32                          Person Co. NC married
  • 3.James Berry                             1799                31                          Smith Co. Tenn. married
  • 3 Joshua Berry Jr.                      1801                29                         Gallia Co. Ohio married
  • 4.Harrison Berry                        1824                  6                          Gallia Co. Ohio
  • 4.Lewis E. Berry                         1826                  4                          Gallia Co. Ohio
  • 4.Robert Berry                            1828                  2                          Gallia Co. Ohio
  • 3.Lewis Berry                              1805                25                          Orange Co.NC. married
  • 3.Eli Berry                                   1821                   9                          Orange Co.NC.
  • 2.Isaac Berry              1768                          68                        Orange Co.NC. single
  • 2.Thomas Berry        1772                         Dead 
  • 3.David ll Berry                          1801                 29                          Wayne Co Tenn. married
  • 2.David J. Berry        1774                           56                        Fayette Ga. married
  • 3.Henry Berry                             1809                22                          Georgia
  • 3.George M. Berry                     1810              Dead
  • 3.Robert Berry                           1812                  18                          Georgia
  • 3.William G. Berry                    1813                  17                          Georgia
  • 3.Thomas Berry                         1820                 10                          Fayette Co. Georgia
  • 3.Joshua Berry                           1824                  6                           Fayette Co. Georgia
  • 2.William Berry        1775                           55                        Blount Co. Alabama 
  • 3.William Clarence Berry        1803                 27                          Orange Co.NC. married
  • 4.George Rufus Berry               1829                   1                          Orange Co.NC.
  • 3.Robert C. Berry                      1805                  25                         Orange Co.NC. single
  • 3.Thomas Person Berry           1808                  22                         Orange Co.NC. single
  • 2.Henry Berry           1776                            54                       Orange Co.NC. single

William and Hannah Cate  Berrys


  1. William Clarence Berry was born Orange County NC on October 17 1803 and died in Burnett County Texas on Sept 8 1878.
  2. Robert C Berry was born in Orange County NC on  April 14 1805 and died in Berry, Fayette County Alabama on March 13 1883.
  3. Thomas Person Berry was born in Orange County NC on June  01 1808 and died in Orange County NC on April 30 1884.

William and his brother Thomas Berry went to Tennessee in search of land sometime after November 1807 when he got his wife Hannah pregnant. William never lived with Hannah Cate Berry after that. Hannah listed in the 1810 Orange county census as Head of Household. This census list 4 Males under 10. They are William Clarence Berry, Robert C Berry, Thomas Person Berry, and Thomas and Sarah Cate Berry’s son David ll Berry. The one female under 10 is Thomas and Sarah Cate Berry’s daughter Eleanor Berry. The 2 females 30 -40 are Hannah Cate Berry and her sister Sarah Cate Berry. I The two sisters and their children next to their Father in Law, Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry in the old Patrick Rutherford house .

1810 oc census

Hannah Cate Berry’s 1810 Census

William Berry Sen is found in Blount County Alabama in 1830 with another wife and 2 children. He was living two farms away from Thomas Rutherford in the census below. Thomas Rutherford was one of the three brothers who signed the Patrick Rutherford deed to Robert Berry on March 2 1787. (Orange County Deed Book 4 page 518). Note that Thomas Rutherford and William Berry  were both listed in the 40 -50 age group. These two boys grew up together because the Patrick Rutherford property joined Robert Berry’s property on his southern property line.William Rutherford and James Rutherford were the other two brothers who signed the Deed. The fact that Thomas Rutherford and William Berry knew each other in Orange County NC and were living so close to each other in Alabama supports that William Berry is my GGG-Grandfather who was married to Hannah Cate.

William Berry Sr 1830census

Shown below is the 1850 Lincoln County Census of  Benjamin H Berry, born in North Carolina and his father, William Berry who was born in North Carolina. His mother, Mary was also  living with him. His mother. Mary was listed  was also born in NC. Benjamin H Berry would also be a candidate to have sired Robert T Berry.

Benjamin H Berry was listed in the 1830 Alabama census in the 20 to 30 bracket and he was 44 in his 1850 census.

Thomas Berry’s widow, Sarah Cate Berry Pigg was living in Wayne County Tennessee and there is only one county separating  Wayne county and Lincoln County. William having been with Thomas would have been very familiar with this part of Tennessee. In the 1830 Alabama census William was living close to Thomas Rutherford. The fact that William was born in North Carolina is more support for me to believe William is really my 3 great grandfather. who deserted Hannah Cate Berry in Orange County NC.

MyWillaim Berry 1850 Tennessee

There are four conditions are several possibilities  that must be determined by the process of elimination.

  1. That none of known William Berry descendants are the father of Robert Berry shown in Robert Roberson  1850 Census above.
  2. That none of known William Berry descendants are the father of Robert T Berry born in 1859.
  3. That a transit Robert Berry is not the father of Robert T Berry which is almost impossible to locate.
  4. That Robert Berry in the Robert Roberson 1850 Census is a descendant or the brother of Robert Berry  in Orange County NC, Richard Berry, in Princess Anne County VA. Robert Berry in Orange County NC is our William Berrys father.

Condition 1;

William Clarence Berry married Sally Bowles on November 20 1826 in Orange County North Carolina and they had one son, George Rufus Berry born on February 29 1829. This eliminates these two of William & Hannah Cate Berry’s descendants from being the father of Robert Berry shown in Robert Roberson  1850 Census above. When Thomas Person & William Clarence Berry sold their 100 acres they had bought from Uncle Henry Berry on September 1883 to Felix & Samuel Wilson (Orange County Deed Book 25 page 431), Robert C Berry was a witness on that deed. This proves that all three of William and Hannah Cate  Berry’s children could not be the father of Robert Berry shown in Robert Roberson  1850 Census above. Thomas and Sarah Cate Berrys son, David ll Berry was born in Orange County in 1802 was living in Orange County and listed in Hannah Cate Berry’s 1810 census could not be the father of Robert Berry shown in Robert Roberson  1850 Census  above. The only other William Berry descendant left that could have been  the father of Robert Berry shown in Robert Roberson  1850 Census above was Benjamin H Berry, age 44,  who was  Living in Lincoln County Tennessee with his wife, his father,William Berry, his  mother and children in 1850. This should eliminate all of William & Hannah Cate Berry’s descendants. 

Condition 2;

The only William & Hannah Cate Berry named Robert  was Robert C Berry who was 45 years old and married to Sarah Chapell  in 1850. They had three children and were living in Berry, Fayette County, Alabama. If Robert Berry Shown in the 1850 census of Robert Roberson  shown above is the father of Robert T Berry then none of William & Hannah Cate Berry’s descendants could be the father of Robert T. Berry

Condition 3;

William Berry had 5 brothers with Male Descendants. It is entirely passable that Robert Berry Shown in the 1850 census of Robert Roberson  shown above could be one of their descendants. While William Berry YDNA was tested for 67 markers most of the YDNA from his five Brothers were only tested for 37 Markers.

  • William Berry’s 37 marker YDNA only differs from the unidentified Robert Berry Shown in the 1850 census of Robert Roberson  shown above by 1 mutation
  • Robert Berry Jr 37 marker YDNA would  differ by 2 mutations
  • Isaac  Berry only had 1 daughter
  • Joshua Berrys 37 marker YDNA would  differ by 3 & 4 mutations
  • Thomas Berry 37 marker YDNA would  differ by 2, 3 & 4 mutations
  • David J Berrys 37 marker YDNA would  differ by 2 & 3 mutations
  • William Berry 37 marker used as reference with 0 mutations
  • Henry Berry only had 1 daughter

Condition 4;

Since we have no known  YDNA from Richard Berry who was born in Princes Anne County Virginia and no positive paper trail to him either we can only speculate  that Robert T. Berry may be a descendant of Richard Berry. Richard Berry was Robert Berry’s older Brother. The two brothers would have YDNA that would closely match Robert & Elizabeth Cate Berry’s eight sons. It is possible that the Unknown Berry with 66 out of 67 matching markers to the William Berry line may be Richard Berry’s descendant.