Ben Henderson releases second Berry Book!!!

Front Cover for INDEX BkThis is great news for everyone associated with the Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry family line.

This book is available to Everyone FREE in PDF format and can be downloaded from the BOOK PAGE  CLICK HERE   

 Benjamin Berry  Henderson Sr’s. new book entitled:             “Robert Berry  Family Tree Index”                                                                                    300 Years and Seven Generations                                                                                         Second Edition

This book is an ongoing project which can be improved in reliability and accuracy over time with every ones help. In order for this to work each of you has to contribute any additional information about your individual Family line if it is not already in the book. All new cousins will have to help us also in the same way. Any corrections to information already included in the book should be contributed also.

You may contact us with your information from any page on berrytree. Almost all of the 7th Generation are deceased but most of the people who would be in the 8th Generation are living and should not be included in the book.

I want this book to become the absolute Reference Manual  for all Genealogist in the future who are researching our Berry Family. This should help people spot fraudulent family trees that are current on the internet.

We will also make this book available in Paperback in the near future as soon as time permits

A glossy 8″ by 11″  Book will be a very nice addition to your personal library or as a contribution to your local Genealogy Library.






Updated Jan. 23, 2015 and September 30th 2015

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Berry Brothers OC

WP Berry and Brothers

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Relationships Across Family Lines

Aldridge, Berry, Farquhar, Waggoner, Camp

All of us know who our Parents, Grandparents, Sisters, Brothers, Uncles and Aunts are.

It gets a lot more complicated as we try to make these connection between different Family Lines. This is especially true when we start with 10 brothers and sisters who were born between 1758 and 1776. As these children left their homes with close friends, their family, and family members from their other siblings to establish communities across our fledgling nation even as we were becoming a giant new Country. I have tried to accomplish a little of this between the five family surnames listed at the top of this page.

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Request For Information

We are looking for descendents related to the following people (Most of the data for the people below was gathered from the 1850 census in Smith County, Tennessee)
Name Sex Age Birth State
James Berry Male 50 North Carolina
Mary Berry Female 48 North Carolina
Nancy Berry Female 20 North Carolina
*Is known to have married Thomas Allen 11/28/1850
Delila Berry Female 14 North Carolina
*Is known to have married Marcus D. Allen 2/6/1851
Edward Berry Male 26 Virginia
School teacher
James Berry Male 10 Tennessee
Clay Berry Male 6 months Tennessee
Martha Berry Female 11 Tennessee
*Is known to have married Burton Marks 4/11/1860

* Indicates data collected outside the 1850 census

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