Camp Power of Attorney

Robert And Elizabeth Cate Berry’s Camp Grandchildren

Power of attorney written by Mary Berry Camp’s Children

January 16, 1815.

A power of Attorney was drawn in Jackson County Georgia giving power of attorney to Joseph Camp. The Document was signed by sons John Camp, Robert Camp and Starling Camp and son in law Shadrack Humphries the husband of Sarah Humphries formally Sarah Camp.
Source file: NC Archives ( Orange County NC Powers of Attorney 1781-1909, CR.073.928.5)

GEORGIA Jackson County
To all men by these presents —–John Camp, Robert Camp, Starling Camp snr. and Shadrack Humphres the husband & representative of Sarah Humphries formally Sarah Camp have consulted and appointed Joseph and by his presents so commission & appoint Joseph Camp of the State of South Carolina, Greenville District our Power of Attorney henceforth revoking and annulling all other Power of Attorney for given and trusting a special trust in our Attorney to transact for us successfully & in our stead all business matters elective to the estate of our grandfather Robert Berry sen.(deceased) which we claim the rights of our mother Mary Berry since Mary Camp (deceased) giving full power to our said attorney to bring suit or suits for the sum any monies or goods or chattels lands or tenements, acquire any monies & accept for the reasons— — — undeliverable sums as though we were personally present thereby satisfying & confirming whatsoever our said Attorney shall lawfully do —– our ——– interest in said Estate. Given under our hand & seal this 14 th day of Jan 1815 The word mother underlined and assigned In presents of S John Camp seal Hosea Camp J.J.C Robert Camp seal Starling Camp seal Shadrack Humphries seal
The back of the power of attorney document is listed below
I Sign over the written power of attorney to
Henry Berry December 29th 1816
witnessed by
Joseph Camp
Thomas Rountree
I Edward Adams Clerk of the Superior Court & in aforesaid county of Jackson I hereby certify that Hosia Camp Esquire before to whom the written power of attorney its presents have been acknowledged