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  1. Generation Robert and Mary Williamson Berry, Princess Anne County, Virginia.
  2. Generation Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry, Orange County, North Carolina.
  3. Generation William and Hannah Cate Berry, Orange County, North Carolina.
  4. Generation Thomas Person and Sarah Lunsford Berry, Orange County, North Carolina.

1810 Orange County, North Carolina Census.

1810 oc census

Hannah Cate Berry’s 1810 Census

Hannah Cate listed as head of Household in this 1810 census.

  • Hannah Cate Berry     born: 1770   married 12 Aug 1799   died: 1858
  • Sarah Cate Berry          born: 27 Dec 1781   married 07 11 Aug 1800   died: Mar 1875
  • David ll Berry                 born: 1802   married  1826   died: 1882
  • William Clarence Berry born: 17 Oct 1803   married 20 Nov 1826   died: 08 Sep 1878
  • Robert C. Berry                 born: 14 Apr 1805   married   1839   died: 1888
  • Thomas Person Berry      born: 01 Jun 1808    married 28 Sep 1831   died:30 Apr 1884
  • Eleanor Berry                   born: 1801   married 1824   died: 1880

Hannah, Sarah, and their 5 children were living in the Patric Rutherford House that Robert Berry bought in 1787.

There was a 1840 Orange County, North Carolina Census for Parson Berry but I am not completely sure it is Thomas Person Berry.

1850 Orange County, North Carolina Census


This is a complete listing of Thomas Person and Sarah Lunsford Berry’s children:

  • Thomas P Berry born 01 Jun 1808 married 28 Sep 1831 died 30 Apr 1884
  • Sarah Lunsford Berry born 25 Jul 1811 married 28 Sep 1831 died 27 Dec 1870
  • William H. Berry  born 1836 married Sarah Frances King 06 Aug 1857 died 1858
  • Willie Berry born 1838
  • John Robert Berry born 25 Sep 1842 married  Elizabeth Frances Bowling 30 Nov 1865 died 10 Oct 1917
  • James P. Berry born Apr 1847 married Artelia Wedding 11 Sep 1871 died 15 Feb 1912

Living on the  farm listed next to Thomas P. Berry was the Thomas King family. Mary Ashley Berry King age 41 was Henry Berry’s daughter by Fanny Ashley. They were living in the old Robert Berry Plantation home that Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry  raised their 10 children in. Henry Berry willed this property to his daughter in his 1855 Will. Fanny Ashley age 70 was living with her daughter and son-in-law when this 1850 census was taken. Sarah King age 12 would grow up and marry her cousin William H. Berry. After William died from the flu in 1858 Sarah married Hezekiah Terry on 07 Jun 1860.

1860 Orange County, North Carolina Census

TPB 1860

In the 1860 census William H Berry was living elsewhere and  no information has been found on Willie Berry. The household consisted of the following people.

  • Thomas P. Berry    age 52 m
  • Sallie Berry              age 45 f
  • John Robert            age 18 m
  • James P.                   age 15 m
  • Jesse Blalock           age 12 m Laborer
  • Elizabeth Franklin age 48 f

Elizabeth Berry Franklin was Thomas Person Berry’s half sister. Hannah Cate Berry who was Thomas and Elizabeth’s mother had died in 1858 from the flu.Elizabeth’s husband Theodric Franklin had also died in 1858 from the flu. Hannah Cate came from a wealthy family and I am sure that Elizabeth Berry Franklin thought she had inherited some money from her mother. Thomas Person Berry was appointed administrator of his mothers estate which, on paper, was meager. It is not known what Elizabeth Berry Franklin received from her mothers estate. Elizabeth Franklin was trapped in Orange County when the Civil War broke out and probably rejoined her children in Texas after 1865. Jesse Blalock was the son of Sarah Lunsford Berry’s sister. Angeline Lunsford married William Blalock on 09 Dec 1835 and Jesse Lyse Blalock was their oldest son.

1870 Orange County, North Carolina Census

Thomas Person Berry OC 1870

Alfred and Martha Brown lived on the farm adjoining Thomas Person Berry. They listed a daughter, Lucy Brown age 22 in 1870. (SEE the Red Arrow) After Thomas Person Berry’s first wife, Sarah Lunsford Berry died on   27 Dec 1870 he married Lucy A. Brown on  24 Aug 1871.  Thomas and Lucy Berry had five children and  between 1871 and 1881. Twenty Six days after Daniel R Berry was born on 23 Dec 1880 Lucy Brown Berry died on 08 Jan 1881. She was only 34 years old and i feel sure here death resulted form complications of childbirth.

The 1880 Census From is almost unreadable so it was necessary to list the information as I have done here.

In the 1880 Orange County North Carolina Census                                                            The family members listed  are listed below:

  • Thos. P. Berry              age 72 m
  • Lucy A, Brown Berry  age 33 f
  • Edna H. Berry              age 8 f
  • Martha Berry                age 7 f
  • Etta E. Berry                 age 6 f
  • Della P. Berry               age 4 f

When Lucy Brown Berry Died on 08 Jan 1881 Thomas Person Berry was left with 5 orphans all under 8 years old. It seems likely that the children’s grandmother took care of them until Thomas married Elizabeth Peed Bowles, age 50, on 06 Dec 1883. Thomas died less than 5 months later on 30 Apr 1884. Martha Peed Brown the orphaned children’s grandmother challenged the property settlement in court. The trial lasted for several years and there is a huge file generated by this case in the North Carolina Genealogy Library at 109 East Jones Street, Raleigh NC 27699-4600 ph 919-807-7450

The file is about about 300 pages and was so large that the library made copies of the  microfiche which they have available for sale. I have a copy of this microfiche that I bought for my private library. I have also printed out the file on hard copies. Martha Peed married Alfred Brown in Person County, North Carolina on August 5th 1841. I have no idea what Martha’s relationship is to Elizabeth Peed Bowles.

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