David Berry

David Berry, son of Thomas Berry and Sarah Cate Berry


Generation 1 Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry

Generation 2 Thomas and Sarah Cate Berry

Maternal Grandparents:

Sarah Cate (Daughter of William & Elizabeth Messersmith Cate)

David Berry was born in Orange County North Carolina in 1802. In 1803 David and his sister, Eleanor Berry were very young when their their grandfather William Cate died. The picture on the right is David Berry, son of Thomas Berry born in 1800 died in 1882. In 1803 there was a sale of William Cate’s property. David’s father purchased several items at his grandfathers William Cate’s estate sale in 1803. Three years later on October the 4th 1806 David’s Father sold two hundred acres of land to James Miller for one hundred and twenty five pounds (View here). Soon after that sale Thomas Berry went in search of land in Tennessee. David and his sister never saw their father again. David and his mother and sister lived in Orange County with his Aunt Hannah Berry until he until he was about 13 years old. Hannah Cate Berry and Sarah Cate Berry were sister making their children Double First Cousins. His mother Sarah Cate Berry remaried. on December 11 1815 to John Pigg. They Migrated to Wayne County Tennessee where David grew into manhood. David married Elizabeth Shipman about 1826 in Tennessee.

These are the Fourteen children who were born to this union:

1. Annie Berry b 1827 d 1827
2. Sarah Berry b Nov. 3,1828 d Aug. 17 1918
3. Jacob Berry b 1830
4. John Berry b Sept 19, 1831 d Sept 4, 1895
5. Henry Berry b 1833 d Jun. 21 1862
6. William Berry b 1835 d 1876
7. Issac Berry b Oct. 26,1837 d Oct 27 1917
8. Mary Berry b Mar. 4 1838 d Apr 6 1915
9. James Arwin Berry b Jan. 25 1841
10. Elisabeth Berry b Sept. 11 1845 dApr 4, 1917
11. David Berry b 1846
12 Rebeca Berry b Nov 28, 1849 d Jan. 14 1919
13 Martha Berry b Dec 6, 1815 d about 1883
14 Irvin Berry

David Berry (son of Thomas Berry) lived in NC and Tennessee

Census Information And Neighbors:

“ David Moved To Tennessee About 1815 ”

In the 1870 and 1880 Census Elizabeth was listed as Blind