Dora Ellen Turley Ga

Dora Ellen Turley, daughter of Nathan and Mary Jori Berry Turley


  1. Generation Robert and Mary Williamson Berry
  2. Generation  Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry
  3. Generation  David J. and Mary Blalock Berry
  4. Generation  Robert and Elizabeth Everitt Berry Berry
  5. Generation Mary Jori Berry Turley and Nathan Turley

DORA ELLEN TURLEY born April 11, 1874 in Milton County Georgia and died June 6, 1915 after giving birth to twin daughters. She married George Robert Pace before 1892. Dora Ellen Turley Pace is buried in the Holly Springs Cemetery, Cobb County Georgia. georgeanddoraturleyhomegaGeorge and Dora Ellen Turley Pace had 11 children but not all of them lived to be adults. The picture on the right is a picture of the Pace family around 1910 Click on the picture to view a larger image.


  1. Nathaniel Aire Turley   b 1872
  2. Mary Lou Turley            b. 22 Jun 1877 d. 18 Mar 1956
  3. Dorah E. Turley             b. 1878
  4. William Aaron Turley  b. 26 Aug 1879 d. 06 Nov 1960
  5. Sarah A. Turley             b. Unknown      d. Unknown

Dora Ellen Turley Pace and her husband George Pace lived in Georgia their entire life.

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