Elizabeth Berry Franklin

John and Hannah Cate Berry’s Daughter

Elizabeth Berry was born in Orange County NC in 1812. Hannah Cate Berry and John Berry were Elizabeth’s parents Elizabeth had three half brothers, William Clarence Berry, Robert C. Berry, and Thomas Person Berry. Temperance Jane Franklin was born in Orange County North Carolina in 1831.

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Temperance Jane Franklin naming her Mother, Elizabeth Berry, and her father, John Berry.

( SEE TEMPERANCE FRANKLIN’S BIBLE PAGE ). Elizabeth Berry had at least two half-brothers, Thomas Person Berry who was 4 years old when she was born and her oldest half-brother who was born in 1799 was 13 years old. I think his name may have been William Berry jr. There is no further record of this child and quite likely he died as a youngster. Hannah and her three sons and one daughter were establishing their home in Orange County, North Carolina until William Clarence Berry’s wife, Sally Bowles Berry died in 1833. Thomas Person Berry and his older brother sold their land in 1833 and I now think the entire Family migrated to Fayette County, Alabama. Thomas Person Berry and his wife and mother Hannah Cate Berry returned to North Carolina where they lived out the rest of their lives. Hannah and her son and daughter in law may have only gone to Alabama to help care for Hannah Cate Berry’s four small grandchildren during the migration.

VIEW THEODRICK FRANKLIN”S MARRIAGE BONDtfranklinbond Elizabeth grew up in Orange County and in 1832 she married Theodrick Franklin. Thomas Person Berry, Elizabeth’s half brother signed their wedding bond. Theodrick and Elizabeth had a daughter born in 1832 in Orange County North Carolina. Temperance Jane was their only child born in NC.



Hannah Cate Berry's Grandaughter Temperance J. Franklin Davis

Hannah Cate Berry’s Grandaughter Temperance J. Franklin Davis

THIS IS A PICTURE OF TEMPERANCE JANE FRANKLIN. Their next child was born in Alabama in 1835 and he was named Henry Berry Franklin. Theodrick and Elizabeth had moved back to Georgia by 1837 when their son James L Franklin was born.In 1843 Elizabeth and Theodrick had twin sons named Robert N. and William C Franklin. These children were born in Cave Spring, Floyd County Georgia. Thomas Benjamin Franklin was born in 1847 and Georgianna Franklin was born in 1849. The last two children were also born in Cave Spring Georgia. Hannah is nickname for Anna and I can hear Elizabeth saying “this is my little Georgia Anna” in reference to her mother Hannah Cate Berry.
Tragedy struck the Berry and Franklin families in 1858 when Theodrick Franklin and Elizabeth’s mother, Hannah, died . That was the year of a worldwide flu epidemic and was probably responsible for the deaths. Thomas Person Berry lost his son William H. Berry and Joshua and Nancy’s son Lewis Berry also died in 1858. When the 1860 Orange County Census was taken Elizabeth Franklin was staying with her half-brother Thomas Person Berry in 1860 and was enumerated in that census. Elizabeth Berry Franklin became trapped in Orange County by the civil war and was not able to rejoin her family until after it was over. I suspect she had returned to North Carolina expecting to receive her inheritance and I am not sure if she got anything or not. Her daughter Temperamce Jane had married Warren W. Davis sometime in the around 1865  because their first child John J. Davis was born in Louisiana that year. Their second child, a daughter, was born in Texas in 1867. Nathan C Davis and Boneta A. Davis Texas. Eventually Elizabeth did make it to Texas where she lived the rest of her life. As you can see by her tomestone she lived until November 21, 1895 at the age of 83 years old. The inscription list her name as E. H. which I think her name may have been  Elizabeth Hannah Berry Franklin.

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ORANGE COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA IN 1800                                                                             NO CENSUS FOUND IN 1810.                                                                                                             NO CENSUS FOUND IN 1820.                                                                                                   CENSUS FOUND IN BLOUNT COUNTY ALABAMA IN 1830.                                                       NO CENSUS FOUND IN 1840.                                                                                                             NO CENSUS FOUND IN 1850.