Elizabeth Berry

Elizabeth Berry daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry


  1. Generation Robert and Mary Williamson Berry: Princess Anne County, Virginia
  2. Generation  Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry: Orange County, North Carolina.

Elizabeth Berry’s parents:  Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry

Elizabeth Berry never married but had a child (Mary) by William Riley

Elizabeth Berry was born in Orange County NC about 1770 and died in Person County in 1815, she never married and lived with her family at Fiddleton until sometime after 1810. She did have a daughter that she named Mary. We know this because Robert Berry mentioned Mary in his will that he wrote in 1812. William Riley was apparently Mary’s Father.

bbondwilliamriley2View Bond – Elizabeth took out a Bastardy Bond against William Riley on August 19, 1791 and the Court had issued a warrant against William Riley to have him apprehended. On August 20,1781 The Bastardy Bond was issued charging William Riley as the Father.  You will notice that William Armstrong one of Robert Berry’s neighbors signed the bond with William Riley at the courthouse.

bbondwilliamrileyView Bond – After reading the warrant to arrest William Riley I think that Elizabeth Berry was at least 5 months pregnant in August 1791. This means that Mary was born in November or December 1791 or early in 1792. This is the closest record of a birthday for any of the Robert Berry’s family of Orange County, North Carolina that I have found. You will see in the 1800 census listed by Robert Berry Senior that there is a female under 10 years old. This was Mary who was probably only 9 years old at that time. There is a listing for a female who is over 25 but not yet 44 years old. This is a listing for Roberts Daughter, Elizabeth Berry, because she was about 30 years old in 1800. The other female listed in this census was Elizabeth Cate Berry who was listed in the over 45 years of age bracket. We know that she was about 65 years old. The only Female listed in Robert Berry Senior’s 1810 census was his Wife. Elizabeth Berry. His daughter Elizabeth  moved in with Mary and her new Son-in-law. Mary Married Thomas Berry in 1809. She was 18 years old when she married. Mary Berry and Thomas Berry were married on May 7, 1809.

Here are four records that establishes when Elizabeth Berry and her grandson, Josiah, died. Elizabeth Berry died at her daughter’s home in Person County, North Carolina, and Josiah died in Henry county Georgia

Elizabeth Berry deceased 1816

elizabeth death date

Josiah Berry

The transcripts above were taken from documents found in Person County, North Carolina. The document below also seems legitimate and John Camp would have been Elizabeth Berry’s nephew, son of her sister Mary Berry Camp. John Camp would also be Elizabeth Berry’s daughter, Mary Berry’s, first cousin. This record states that Josiah Berry was dead by January 12th 1846.

Josiah Berry’s father, Thomas Berry  posted a $5000 bond to be appointed administrator of his son’s estate in the document below. Mary Berry Josiah’s, mother, may have been  alive at this time. I have no further information on this couple.

Josiah grandson of Elizabeth Berry

Source: Georgia, Wills and Probate Records. 1742-1992

Thomas Berry and Mary Berry married on March 7th 1809 so Josiah C.Berry would not have been more than 37 years old at the time his father Thomas Berry was appointed administrator of his Estate.

The document below also seems authentic and does support everything up to this point. There was a Henry North and an Anthony North listed in the 1860 census but there was no Preston C. Berry named in either household. If Preston C. Berry is the son of Josiah Berry then he would have been at least 113 years old in 1860.

Preston Berry

Source: Georgia, Wills and Probate Records. 1742-1992

I do not know how Preston W. Berry ended up in Auburn Alabama. Preston W. Berry would have been 16 years old when Obadiah Echols wrote this letter in 1862 from Macon County, Auburn Alabama. Obadiah referred to Preston as an orphan infant child which might not mean the same as infant would to us today. The information about Preston’s family and the Slave named Doll is entirely accurate.  We have no way at this time to determine if a return letter from Orange County was ever received by Obadiah. The Civil War was already in progress and most all communication of this nature was interrupted. We also do not know at this time what ever happened to Preston W. Berry.

auburnalafrontView Letter From Auburn Alabama Concerning heir Of Elizabeth Berry. You may view the Marriage Bond information by clicking the sidebar information button, Marriage Bond/License.  Elizabeth Berry’s will was probated in Person County North Carolina.   I do not have a copy of that will. Thomas Berry was in Henry Coweta, County, Georgia in 1846 but I do not know if Mary was there or not. I do have a letter from Alabama written in 1862 requesting a copy of it from Orange County N.C by Obediah Echols. He was probably referring to the will that Robert Berry wrote in 1812 where instructed Elizabeth to will Doll to Mary after Elizabeth’s death

auburnbackBack of Auburn, Alabama letter
The slave Doll mentioned in Robert Berry’s will as Elizabeth Berry’s inheritance is also mentioned in the letter from Auburn Alabama in 1862. Joseph C. Berry married Virginia Echols on November 13th 1840 In Macon County, Alabama. I do not know if this couple has a connection to Preston W. Berry or Obadiah Echols.

robertswillRefer to Robert Berry’s 1812 Will for Elizabeth Berry’s inheritance.





Elizabeth Berry’s only child:

Mary Berry b. 1792.

Children Detail:

Mary Berry Married Thomas Berry
Born: 1792
Orange Co. N.C
Died: about 1815
Person Co. NC
Spouses Parents: Unknown
07 Mar 1809 Orange Co. N.C
1 Child
Born: Unknown Orange Co. N.C Died: Unknown Unknown

Places Lived:

Elizabeth Berry moved in with her  son in law Thomas and her daughter,Mary Berry, sometime after 1810 and died in Person County in 1815.

Census Information:

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