Emanuel Patton Berry


  1. Generation Robert and Marry Williamson Berry, Princess Anne County, Georgia.
  2. Generation Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry, Orange County, North Carolina.
  3. Generation David J. and Mary Blalock Berry, Orange County, North Carolina, and Georgia
  4. Generation Robert and Elizabeth Everett Berry, Georgia.

manuea and Clara Berry

GEN 5 Emanuel Patton  and Clara Susan Worsham Berry

Emanuel Patton Berry was born March 10, 1849 in Cobb County, Georgia, and died February 03, 1938 in Baldwin County, Georgia. He married Clara Susan Worsham on December 28, 1871 in Milledgeville, Georgia.  She was the daughter of Erbin C. Worsham and Martha Verthal B. Cane.  Clara was born May 03, 1854, and died January 01, 1936. Erbin C. Worsham was born in South Carolina  on October 27 1825 and died  Widowed in Rochelle, Wilcox County, Georgia 0n March 30 1919. he is buried in the Sunshine United Methodist Church Cemetery in Round Oak, Jones County, Georgia USA.

1870  Milledgeville, Baldwin County, Georgia Census.

  • Erbin C. Worsham                M  age 40
  • Martha A. B. Worsham        F   age 42
  • Clara Worsham                F   age 16
  • William Worsham                M   age 14
  • Virginia Worsham                F    age 10
  • James Worsham                   M   age 4

Emanuel P Berry marriage License

Children of Emanuel Berry and Clara Worsham:

  • Gen 6 ADOLPHUS BUNION5 BERRY, b. June 12, 1874; d. October 15, 1921, Milledgeville, Georgia.
  • Gen 6 ROBERT COOPER BERRY, b. December 01, 1876; d. November 20, 1910, Baldwin Co., GA.
  • Gen 6 MATTIE ELIZA BERRY, b. February 02, 1880, Baldwin Co., GA; d. January 04, 1957, Baldwin Co., GA.
  • Gen 6 ANNIE BELL BERRY, b. January 10, 1882, Baldwin County, Georgia; d. December 23, 1955, Baldwin County, Georgia.
  • Gen 6 LIZZIE IRENE BERRY, b. April 26, 1884, Baldwin Co., GA; d. October 07, 1980, Havre de Grace, Maryland.
  • Gen 6 IDA EUGENIA BERRY, b. April 04, 1885, Baldwin County, Georgia; d. December 17, 1981, Macon, Georgia, Bibb County.
  •  Gen 6 ISAAC MARION BUD BERRY, In 1900 Issac was 8 years old and his parents were living in Gladesville, Jasper, Georgia. In the 1920 his family had moved to Coopers, Baldwin, Georgia and Isaac was listed as 18 years old.were living with his parents.  Isaac M Berry 1892 Coopers Georgia On August 28, 1919 Isaac M. Berry married LIZZIE JANE LEE and in the 1920 census listed by Isaac’s father, Emanuel Patton Berry, the young married couple were living with Isaac’s parents. In 1830 Isaac age 38 and Lizzie age 32 were living in a rented house in Coopers, Baldwin County, Georgia. Isaac M. Berry made his living as a Truck Farmer and finally owned his own home. The couple never had children and when Isaac died he left his home and land to the William Babb family. Isaac was born July 11, 1891, Baldwin Co., GA; d. July 17, 1980, Baldwin Co., GA. LIZZIE JANE LEE, was born on July 26, 1893; d. August 1961, Baldwin Co., GA.   Isaac and Lizzie Berry are buried in the Cooperville Church Cemetery.
  • Gen 6 LILLIE MAE BERRY, b. September 14, 1894, Baldwin Co., GA; d. October 22, 1917, Baldwin Co., GA.
  • Gen 6 JOHN EMANUEL BERRY, b. August 07, 1897; d. October 27, 1980, Baldwin Co., GA.

Emmanuel P. Berry hradstoneClara W Berry headstone

Emanuel P. Berry and Clara Susan Worsham Berry are buried at the Memory Hill Cemetery in Milledgeville, Baldwin County, Georgia.

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