Frederick M. Berry Iowa

Frederick M. Berry, son of Harrison and Henrietta Havens Berry


  1. Generation Robert and Mary Williamson Berry: Princess Anne County, Virginia.
  2. Generation  Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry: Orange County, North Carolina.
  3. Generation  Joshua and Nancy Ellison Berry: Orange County, North Carolina.
  4. Generation  Joshua Berry Jr.and Anna Thorpe Berry: Ohio
  5. Generation  Lewis and Elizabeth Haywood Berry: Indiana and Kansas
  6. Generation  Harrison and Henrietta Havens Berry: Iowa and Colorado

FREDRICK M. BERRY was born 28 February 1874 in Palo, Linn County, Iowa to Harrison and Henrietta (Havens) Berry. When Fred was four years old in 1878, his mother Henrietta died. According to the newspaper article in the Vinton Eagle: “Her husband was cutting a large tree down close to where they lived, when Henrietta attempted to go near where he was to tell him that she was going to a neighbors, having her babe in her arms and a little girl running along with her, when the tree fell, crushing her almost into a jelly, while remarkable as it may seem, the baby still lives, though probably fatally injured. The little girl too, narrowly escaped.” RosaBelle did survive, but Henrietta died instantly and baby Eliza died within three days.

Harrison and his surviving children, Fred and RosaBelle, along with Henrietta’s parents moved west to Carroll County, Iowa sometime prior to 1880. Harrison left for Sedgwick County, Kansas to join his parents and many of his siblings who had moved to Kansas sometime between 1876 and 1880. Fred and RosaBelle were raised by their maternal grandparents, Ransom and Olive (Usher) Havens, and their uncle, Charles Havens in Iowa.

9 April 1898 Fred married Bertha May Butrick in Glidden Township, Carroll County, Iowa. Bertha was the daughter of Francis Marion and Margaret (Whipple) Butrick. Fred and Bertha had the following children:


  • Ethel V. Berry born 1902 Iowa, died May 1985 Iowa
  • Lillian G. Berry born 1905 Iowa, died November 1991 Iowa
  • Fred Harrison Berry born 1907 Iowa, died May 1983 Iowa
  • Pearl Berry born 1908 Iowa
  • William Berry born 1909 Iowa, died 1988 Wyoming
  • Lora Olive Berry born 25 February 1911 Iowa, died 13 March 1912 Iowa
  • Virgil C. Berry born 25 December 1912 Iowa, died 30 November 1971 California

13 July 1913 Fred married Sarah Ann (Miner) Kelley in Lake City, Calhoun County, Iowa. Sarah was the daughter of Jeremiah and Etta May (Whipple) Miner, the widow of John Wesley Kelley, and the mother of two daughters: Mamie Mae Kelley born 1908, and Ida Wilma Kelley born 1911. Sarah’s parents and five of Sarah’s siblings had died tragically in a house fire in April 1910 in Ponca, Nebraska.

  • Fred and Sarah had the following CHILDREN:
  • Evert Amos Berry born 11 March 1914 Iowa, died 9 October 1999 Wisconsin
  • John Joseph Berry born 18 August 1916 Iowa, died 10 March 1981 Wisconsin
  • Sarah Beatrice Berry born 22 April 1920 Wisconsin
  • Mildred Bernice Berry born 20 August 1922 Wisconsin, died 3 February 1974 Minnesota
  • Living female Berry born 1925 Wisconsin
  • Living female Berry born 1928 Wisconsin
  • Gloria Muriel Berryborn 7 April 1932 Wisconsin, died 12 April 1932 Wisconsin
  • Living male Berry born 1934 Wisconsin
  • Living female Berry born 1937 Wisconsin

Fred, Sarah, and children moved from Iowa to Wisconsin some time between 1916 and 1920. Fred was a farmer in the Barron and Polk County, Wisconsin areas. 2 October 1951 Fred died in Amery, Polk County, Wisconsin of carcinoma of the lung. He is buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Turtle Lake, Wisconsin.

Fredrick M. Berry was born in Palo, Linn County, Iowa

CENSUS INFORMATION for Frederick M. Berry:

1880 In household of Harrison Berry ‘ Glidden Township, Carroll County, Iowa [1880 US Census]
1885 In household of Olive Havens ‘ Glidden Township, Carroll County, Iowa [Iowa State Census]
1895 In household of Charles Havens ‘ [Iowa State Census]

  • Frederick M. Berry 1900 Lincoln Township, Calhoun County, Iowa [1900 US Census]
  • Frederick M. Berry 1905 Lake City, Calhoun County, Iowa [Iowa State Census]
  • Frederick M. Berry 1910 Lake City, Calhoun County, Iowa [1910 US Census]
  • Frederick M. Berry 1915 Lake City, Calhoun County, Iowa [Iowa State Census]
  • Frederick M. Berry 1920 Turtle Lake Village, Barron County, Wisconsin [1920 US Census]
  • Frederick M. Berry 1930 Clayton Township, Polk County, Wisconsin [1930 US Census]
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