Horace Prather Berry Ga

Horace Prather Berry, Son Of Robert Riley And Martha “Mattie”Stark Berry


  1. Generation Robert and Mary Williamson Berry. Princess Anne County, Virginia.
  2. Generation Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry, Orange County, North Carolina.
  3. Generation  David J. and Mary Blalock Berry, NC and GA.
  4. Generation  Robert and Elizabeth Everitt Berry Berry, Georgia.
  5. Generation  Robert Riley and Mattie Stark Berry

Horace Prather Berry’s brothers and sisters

6. Horace Prather Berry 1870-1957

Hp and Mary Florence

Horace Prather  and Mary Florence Berry

Children of Horace Prather Berry:

  • Manuel Lee Berry 26 May 1901-13 Feb 1944-Sacramento California
  • Elvie Riley Berry 30 Jul 1903-02 Dec 1931-Jefferson County Alabama
  • William Henry Merrill Berry-16 Mar 1905-08 Jun 1976-Shasta County California
  • Addie Ola Ileane Berry-11 Jul 1906-11 Mar 1991
  • Minnie Myrtle Berry-12 Apr 1908-Jul 1985-San Diego County Ca
  • Alma Grace Berry-16 Sep 1910-08 May 2002
  • Lessie Lorena Berry-1912


  • David Horace Berry changed name from Herman Horace Berry
  • Lucille and Herman Berry 1920

Horace Herman and his sister Lucille Berry about 1920

Lucille Berry 1921 Cullman Alabama

Lucille Berry 1929 Cullman Alabama


Horace Prather Berry family picture

(Left to Right) Manuel Lee (Jack) Berry, Myrtle Berry, Horace Prather Berry, Alma Grace Berry, William Henry (Bill) Berry, Mary Florence Johnson Berry, Lorena Berry, Elvie Riley Berry & Addie Ola Ileana Berry

1941David Horace Herman Berry

# One need more info


# Two need more info

Lucille Berry after she was grown

Lucile Berry after she was an adult

# Three need more info

Hoace Berry Luke having fun


Horace and Luke # Four need more info













This picture was taken in 1936 # Five need more info




The picture on the left was taken in 1938 and the one on the right was taken in 1944.








Horace Herman Berry


Horace Berry headstone


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