John Cate

John Cate was born in Prince George County, Virginia. He married Margery Lawrence in Virginia. They had five children who were all born in Virginia. John Cate and two of his three  sons, Joshua and Thomas Cate came to North Carolina at the same time Robert Berry did or very shortly before. Thomas Cate was a chain carrier for Robert Berry’s December 3rd  1753 Granville Land Grant Survey. John Cate  listed in the 1755 Tax List with only two sons. John and Margery Cate witnessed for Robert Berry in court Case, Berry against Gibbs in March of 1757.  Robert Berry married Elizabeth Cate, John and Margery Lawrence Cate’s daughter about 1757. Robert and Elizabeth first baby, a daughter, Mary Berry was born in 1758.

John came to Granville County and claimed a piece of land in 1751. In May of 1752 This property was annexed by Orange County. In 1771 John’s land became part of Caswell County and in 1791 it became Person County North Carolina. John Cates family lived in four counties and never moved.

Their Children:                                                                                                                                 Joshua Cate                                                                                                                                               Thomas  Cate                                                                                                                                    John Cate                                                                                                                                              Elizabeth Cate                                                                                                                                            Margery Cate

John Cate’s Will was dated 1775. It was recorded in Caswell court in the July 1780 session, the inventory June 1780, and estate sale June 1781 which makes it easier to understand some of his activities in Caswell after 1755. See Caswell County Will Book A – June 1777 – June 1783.