Francis Marion Berry

  1. first Generation Robert and Mary Williamson Berry Princess Anne County Virginia
  2. second Generation Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry Orange County North Carolina
  3. third Generation Robert Berry Junior and Mary Waggoner  North Carolina & Fayette County Alabama
  4. th Generation George and Susanna Aldridge North Carolina & Fayette County Alabama
  5. th Generation John and Mary Howell Fayette Alabama & Rusk County Texas
  6. th Generation Francis Marion Berry and Fannie Lillie Hudspeth

John Berry was born in Person County North Carolina in 1815. his parents were George and Susan Aldridge.  They were married after George Berry completed his tour of duty in the war of 1812 John Berry was about five years old when he left North Carolina with his father George, and mother Susanna Berry,  his grandfather Robert Berry Jr.and his Grandmother Mary Waggoner Berry.

Congress made public lands available in Tuscaloosa Alabama on April 24 1820.  Robert Berry Jr. listed in the 1810 Person County Census but it appears he and his family left North Carolina before the 1820 census was taken in Person County


Robert Berry Jr and his son George were granted 80 acers of land  in what became Fayette County Alabama in April  26 1824.

John Berry  Married Mary Howell in Fayette County Alabama about 1837 Their youngest son was named Francis Marion Berry

Francis Marion Berry was born in Rusk County Texas on 23 Feb 1861 & died 08 Jan 1943 in Cleveland Oklahoma.Fannie Lillie Hudspeth was born 09 Jun 1873 and died 17 Jul 1934 in Cleveland Oklahoma.

Francis Marion Berry and  Fannie Lillie Hudspeth were married about 1890.cropped FMB

Francis Marion Berry and  Fannie Lillie Hudspeth below


some children

  • Children
  • Jefferson Greenwood Berry b: 07 Aug 1891 Lexington Oklahoma                                            d: Sep 1973 Corpus Christi TX
  • Mary Frances Berry b: 22 Feb 1893  Lexington Oklahoma                                                          d: 23 Sep 1974 Pawnee Oklahoma
  • Frank William Berry b: 25 Mar 1895 Lexington Oklahoma                                           d:04 Dec 1895 Tribble Oklahoma Died Young
  • Marion Alexander Berry b: 22 Sep 1896 Lexington Oklahoma                                     d: 06 Aug 1978 Cushing Oklahoma
  • Robert Alonzo Berry ( Lonnie) b: 23 May 1899 Lexington Oklahoma                             d: 31 Jul 1983 P0nca City OklahomaRobert Alonzo Berry
  • Carrie Melinda Berry b: 21 Dec 1900 Lexington Oklahoma.                                                     d: 26 May 1972 Sunray TexasCarry Melinda Berry
  • Clarence Emory Berry b: 26 Jan 1903 Lexington OklahomaClarence Elroy Berry
  • John Emory Berry b: 16 Dec 1904 Lexington Oklahoma                                                            d: 27 Jun 1910 Tribble Oklahoma Died YoumgLittle John Emery Berry
  • Thomas Wallace Berry b: 26 Oct 1906 Lexington Oklahoma                                             d: 25 Apr 1986 Littlefield Lamb TexasThomas Walace Berry
  • Sarah Edith Berry b:12 Sep 1908  Lexington Pottawatomie, Oklahoma
  • Fannie Lillie Berry b: 15 Dec 1909  Lexington Pottawatomie, Oklahoma
  • Ira Eugene Berry b: 23 Feb 1912 Lexington Pottawatomie, Oklahoma
  • Allice Estelle Berry b: 04 Oct 1913 Lexington Pottawatomie, Oklahoma

Lonnie Berry

    Robert Alonzo Berry (Lonnie) in his car

Clarence Berry in Lonnies Car

Clarence Emory Berry in Lonnie’s Car

There were a lot of unidentified pictures sent to me with Francis Marion Berry’s family pictures. I am not sure if they are related to our Berry family or to the Hudspeth Family. If you can Identify any of these people please contact me on this web site.

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