Kate Berry Ky

Kate Berry, Daughter Of Franklin Pierce And Sophia M. Berry


Generation 1 Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry NC

Generation 2 Joshua and Nancy Ellison Berry NC

Generation 3 Lewis and Sally Toler Berry NC

Generation 4 Ira and Nancy Wynn Berry NC & KY

Generation 5 Franklin Pierce and Sophie Sellers Berry & KY

KATE BERRY Was born Aug 12, 1896 Sebree, Webster Co., Ky, she died Aug 22, 1966 and is buried at Lake Creek Cemetery, Williamson Co., Illinois. KATE married BENJAMIN FRANKLIN MOAKE in Williamson Co, Illinois, benandkatemoake son of EZIEKEL MOAKE and DELL EVERETT. He was born August 18, 1892 in Lake Creek, Williamson Co., Illinois, and died February 09, 1979 in Williamson Co., Illinois. In 1941, Kate had her birth certificate replaced, the witnesses for her were A.M. Sellers, an uncle age 75 , Samuel Hansford husband of Rebecca Sellers and G.W. Bronson, a non relative age 80 years. The certificate is listed as #175914 in the bureau of vital statistics, Commonwealth of Kentucky, Webster Co.
The Picture on the right is: Benjamin and Kate Berry Moake. To VIEW a larger image click on the picture.

  • DONOVAN JACK MOAKE , b. July 16, 1914, Lake Creek, Williamson Co., Illinois; d. March 22, 1985, Belleville, St. Clair Co., Illinois.
  • LORENE MOAKE, b. February 16, 1916, Lake Creek, Williamson Co., Illinois; d. 2007.
  • ROBERT MOAKE, b. January 02, 1918, Lake Creek, Williamson Co., Illinois; d. March 15, 1985, Los Angeles, California.


Kate Berry was born in Kentucky and died in Illinois.

February 23, 2008


“ Katherine”Kate” Berry was listed in her mothers census in 1910 Williamson County Illinois Census. ”

  • Katherine”Katie” Berry 3 Yrs. old was listed in her Fathers 1900 Webster County Kentucky Census
  • Katherine”KATE” Berry was 13 years old in the 1910 Williamson County Illinois Census
  • Kate is married in the 1920 census
  • At this time I have not been able to locate Kate in 1930