Ken Berry


  1. Generation Robert and Mary Williamson Berry, Princess Anne County, Virginia.
  2. Generation Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry, Orange County, North Carolina.
  3. Generation Joshua and Nancy Ellison Berry, Orange County, North Carolina.
  4. Generation Lewis and Sally Toler Berry, Orange County, North Carolina.
  5. Generation Ira and Nancy Wynn Berry, Union County, Kentucky.
  6. Generation Franklin Pierce and Sophia Sellers Berry. Kentucky.
  7. Generation Theodore Guest and Verda Hall Berry, Kentucky,Williamson Co.  Illinois.
  8. Generation Eugene Darrell and Bernice Larson Berry Moline Illinois.
  9. Generation Kenneth Ronald Berry.

Ken Berry’s 3rd great grandfather Ira Berry was born in Orange County, North Carolina. Ira Berry and his sister Nancy Berry Waggoner’s young family left North Carolina in 1855. Ira was a single man at the time. He met Nancy Wynn on his journey to Kentucky. They were married about 1855  and listed in the 1860 Union County, Kentucky census with their three young children. The oldest was Franklin who was born in Kentucky in 1856. Ira Berry’s sisters family was living next door. Ira’s Father, Lewis Berry, died in Orange County NC from the Flu epidemic in 1858 and Ira’s Mother Sally Toler Berry was living with her daughter Nancy Waggoner in this 1860 Census.

Ira Berry 1860 KY censuis

Franklin Pierce pictureSophia Sellers

Franklin Pierce Berry                                                                                          Sophie Sellers                                                               Ken Berry’s Great Grandparents

Ken Berry page piicKen Berry was born in Moline Illinois November 03 1933

Ken Berry is a retired actor, dancer and a singer. He became aware of his desire to be a tap dancer at a very early age and his Mother encouraged him to pursue his wishes. Ken was very lucky to know what he wanted to do at such an early age. His hero as a youth and to this very day is Fred Astaire.

He spent two years in the army and came back to his roots in North Carolina although at the time Ken was unaware that his Berry Ancestors came to Orange County in 1751, Ken was stationed at Fort Bragg. He was enrolled in special services and toured Europe entertaining the troups.  As his career progressed he had parts that exposed him to almost all of the famous TV actors of the sitcom era. People like Arthur Godfrey, Ed Sullivan, Garry Moore, Bob Newhart, Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball , Andy Griffith, Vicki Lawrence, and many others. Ken had a leading role in F Troop, and Mayberry RFD. He also played a strong supporting roll With Vicki Lawrence in Mama’s Family.

Ken was very interested in the true stories about our Berry Family that are in ” Our Berry’s in Frontier America”

Ken Berry

Our other Berry TV Actor was Shelby Dale Berry who lived near Dallas Texas and descends from the John and Martha Stepp Berry line..

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