Lewis Berry Ohio

Lewis Berry, Son Of Joshua Berry Jr. And Anna Thorpe Berry


Generation 1 Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry NC

Generation 2 Joshua and Nancy Ellison Berry NC

Generation 3 Joshua Berry Jr.and Anna Thorpe Berry Ohio

LEWIS BERRY was born on April 27th 1826 in Gallia Ohio
Lewis Berry married Eliza Haywood who was also born in Preble County Ohio on November 16 1833. Lewis and Eliza were Married on March 20th 1851, Squire Bowen of Thorton, Indiana oficiated. Elizabeth Haywood was the daughter of Abijah and Naomi Haywood of Esses County , N.J.Elizabeths mother died in 1851 and her father Abiljah was living with Lewis and Elizabeth in their 1860 and 1870 census listing.
Lewis was listed as a farmmer but he shared a common trait with many of the Berry men in the Robert and Elizabeth Cate family. Many of the descendants of this family aquired large plots of land over their lifetime. Lewis was no exception. His estate included many plots of land in Witchita Kansas and was probably valued in the neighborhood of $20,000. At one time he purchaced and owned 20 lots in the city of Witchita Kansas.Lewis enjoyed good health and was a very hardworking individual. He maintaned a very good standing in the comunities in which he resided as well. Lewis lived at 1600 South Mead Avenue in Wichita Kansas. That is still a valid address today in 2008. Lewis Died in Wichita Kansas on March 6, 1907 at the age of 81 Years. Lewis was named for his Uncle Lewis Berry who lived in Orange County North Carolina all of his life.

  • Charles Berry Was born in Indiana or Iowa in 1852 but died before 1860.
  • Harrison Berry Was born in Iowa in 1854.
  • Alijah Berry Was born in Iowa in 1856
  • William H. Berry Was born in Iowa in 1859
  • Rhoda A. Berry Was born in Iowa in 1861
  • George S. Berry Was born in Iowa in 1865
  • David W. Berry Was born in Ohio un 1867
  • Laura E. Berry Was born in Ohio in 1869
  • John H. Berry Was born in Ohio in 1874

Lewis Berry was born in Benton County Ohio and died in Wichita Kansas.

MAY 17, 2008


Lewis Berry was listed on his fathers Ohio County Census from 1830 to 1850. He first listed as head of household in 1860

  • Lewis Berry Listed in Benton County Iowa Polk, Township in 1860 as head of houshold listed on the same census page as his father. Lewis was household #72 and Joshua was household # 86
  • Lewis Berry Listed in Benton, Benton County Iowa 1870 Census.
  • Lewis Berry Listed in Rockford Township in Sedgwick County Kansas in June of 1880. The family was household #44