Look alike descendants from different son’s of Robert Berry


THERE have been some interesting developments resulting from our Berry DNA project. In picture # 1 on the left we have the young lady who descends from the William Berry line. On her right is a young lady who descends from the David J. Berry Line. William was born about 1775 and David J. Berry was born about 1773. That was about 230 years ago.
In picture # 2 you have Ernest John Berry who descends from Robert Berry’s son Thomas Berry. Thomas was born around 1772 in Orange County North Carolina. Ernest John Berry was born in Cypress Inn Tennessee November 25 1911 and died on November 14 1977. In uniform to E J Berry’s right is Raymond Berry who descends from the David J. Berry line.

In picture # 3 We have two living Berry’s. The gentleman on the left actually descends from William Berry and Joshua Berry while the gentleman on the right is a David J. Berry Descendant.
William, Joshua, and David J. Berry are all brothers and son’s or Robert and Elizabeth
Cate Berry

In the this row picture # 4 Frances Marion Berry is on the left and to his right is Wiley P. Berry. Francis Marion Berry was born in Gladwater, Gregg Texas on February 23, 1861 and died Sunray, Moore County, Texas on January 8, 1942. He descends from John Berry who died in Rusk County Texas and from the Robert Berry Jr. line. My Grandfather on the right is Wiley P. Berry who was born in Orange County North Carolina on September 8 1869 and died there on May 8, 1965. Wiley P. Berry descends from the William Berry line. Robert Berry Jr. and William Berry are both sons of Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry from Orange County North Carolina.

These last two young ladies in the picture to the left, are from the William Berry line. They have a perfectly good reason to look alike because they are my identical twin grand daughters.