Marriages Bonds from the Grooms Book of Berry Marriages

Last Name First Name Sp. Last Name Sp. First Name Date Bondsman
Berry Thomas Carter Elizabeth April 15 1791 George Maden
Berry Joshua Ellison Nancy Jan 28 1792 Henry Terryl
Berry Penelop Strayhorn David Oct 9 1795 William Ashley
Berry David Blalock Mary Feb 27 1797 Henry Waggoner
Berry William Cate Hannah Aug 12 1799 Thomas Berry
Berry Thomas Cate Sarah Aug 11 1800 Henry Berry
Berry Catherine Pickle Jacob Feb 20 1802 Jacob Waggoner
Berry Thomas Berry Mary May 7 1809 Henry Berry
Berry Elizabeth Green Nathan Mar 4 1811 Timothy Weaver
Berry Sally Cates William July 26 1817 Thomas Berry
Berry David Hightower Sally Apr 5 1820 Madison Co Alabama
Berry Winnie Norman Joshua Sept 19 1820
Berry Tabitha Moore Thomas Feb 23 1823 John Moore
Berry Dicey Murdock Andrew Dec 16 1824 J. A. Gray
Berry William C. Bowles Sally Nov 20 1826 William Taylor
Berry Nancy Warren Charles S. Mar 6 1826 John Colier
Berry John Vincent Elizabeth Mar 6 1827 Jesse Hargrove ( the Architech)
Berry Deliliah Hightower John Sept 25 1827 Charles Holeman
Berry Lewis Tolar Sally Oct 13 1828 H Terry
Berry Thomas P. Lunsford Sarah Sept 28 1831 Henry Berry
Berry Elizabeth Franklin Theodrick Jan 30 1832 Thomas Person Berry
Berry Henry Weaver Lucy May 14 1835 James Shepard
Berry Charlotte Waggoner William Aug 18 1837 William Gates
Berry Eli Taylor Betsey Dec 21 1846 Henderson Taylor
Berry Amanda Hough? Jacob May 5 1847 Robert Shields
Berry Nancy E. Wagoner James Jun 11 1849 William Horner
Berry Josephine Montogemery Daniel April 29 1853 E.G. Gray
Berry James H. McCullock Emley Jan 16 1856 James Berry
Berry Phoeby R. Brown Jesse Jan 4 1856 W. H. Ross
Berry William H. King Sarah F. Jul 28 1857 C.S. Dunnagan
Berry Sarah F. Terry Hezekiah Jun 7 1860 H. J. Tilley
Berry John R. Bowling Elizabeth F. Nov 28 1865 James Allison

These marriages are not in the Grooms Book

Last Name First Name Sp. Last Name Sp. First Name Date
Berry Annie Parker Monroe Dec 30 1875
Berry John Dr. Strayhorn Mary Oct 2 1876
Berry Emma G. Berry John Saunders Oct 18 1884
Berry Willie P. Wilson Ida Ann June 2 1895
Berry Ada L. Rogers Wlm. Jackson Sept 1 1895
Berry Cora Breeze A. Frank Jun 26 1899
Berry Willie A. Hall Fannie J. Jun 3 1900
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