Martha M. Lockley

1. Robert and Mary Williamson Berry Princess Anne County Virginia

2. Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry Orange County, North Carolina.

3. William and Hanna Cate Orange County, North Carolina.

4 William Clarence Berry and Sally Bowles Orange County, North Carolina.

        + 2nd Wife Massa Ann Tompkins Fayett County Alabama and Burnet County Texas.

5 Martha Minerva Berry and Lockey  Alabama and  Texas

Martha Minerva Berry was born on the 29th  April 1851 in Fayette County, Alabama, and died in San Saba County, Texas, on July 3rd 1922. No information has been found that will tell exactly when Martha M. Berry went to Texas. She was 19 years old when her father

Martha Minerva Berry Lockey

Martha Minerva Berry Lockey

William Clarence Berry joined several other of his children in Lampassas County, Texas, in 1870. William acquired land in Burnet County Texas  shortly after leaving Berry Alabama. “Wagons South Wagons West” by Victor Glenn Berry (dec) lived in Arab Alabama. The book was published in 1986. Glen Berry has family living there at the present. Glenn descends from William Clarence Berry and Massa Ann Tompkins through their son John Thomas Berry. The book is an excellent source for all of this family.


  • Mary Mary Irene (Molly) Lockley married George William Graves On October 27th 1895
  • Narcissus Lockey born 1885 and died in 1924 She married James Fisher Graves on December 25 th 1884