Mary A. Berry NC

Mary A. Berry, was the Daughter of John Robert Berry from Orange County, NC


Generation 1 Robert and Mary Williamson Berry

Generation 2 Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry

Generation 3 William Berry and Hannah Cate

Generation 4 Thomas Person Berry and Sarah Lunsford

Generation 5 John Robert Berry and Elizabeth Frances Bowling

Mary W. Berry was born May 18, 1873 and died in May 23, 1963. Mary W. Holeman is listed living in the home of her father John Robert Berry in 1900 Census. We have recently found that Mary W. Berry was first married to James G. Holeman on June 25th 1896. He was the son of James and Emma B. Holeman from Orange County, NC. Her second marriage was to James Ormond Webb on January 27th 1904. In the 1910 census she was listed as the wife of James O. Webb and they had a 5 year old son named James O. Webb Jr. James Ormond Webb Sr. was born in 1859 and died in June 19th 1936. His parents were Sidney Smith Webb and Elizabeth Ellen Morrow Both Jim and Mary Berry Webb are buried at Bethleham Presbyterian Church cemetery in Orange County Cemetery, Orange County, NC. CLICK HERE TO VIEW A PICTURE OF MARY.This picture was taken after 1947 and before 1965. There were only two children born to this union.


  • James O. Webb Jr. b 1905 d unknown


  • Myra Webb b Oct 26 1907 d July 24 2005


James Ormond Webb died in 1936

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“ James and Mary Berry Webb were in Orange County in 1910 and 1920”

  • James and Mary Berry Webb in the 1910 census
  • James and Mary Berry Webb in the 1920 census
  • I can not locate the Webb family in the 1930 census