Mary Berry, Elizabeth’s Daughter NC

Mary Berry, was born out of Wedlock to Elizabeth Berry


  1. Generation Robert and Mary Williamson Berry: Princess Anne County, Virginia
  2. Generation  Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry: Orange County, North Carolina.
  3. Generation  Elizabeth Berry(unwed) William Riley: Orange County, North Carolina.

MARY BERRY who was Elizabeth Berry’s only child and who’s father was William Riley was born in Orange County, North Carolina. Mary and her mother lived with Mary’s grandparents Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry. Elizabeth and Mary were listed on the 1800 Orange County census of Robert Berry Snr.
Mary Berry married Thomas Berry on the 7th of March 1809. Her uncle Henry Berry was the bondsman on that wedding bond. I have been unable to identify Thomas Berry’s Parents.
I do know that Thomas and Mary moved into Person County and were listed there in when the 1810 Census was taken. They also listed one slave in 1810.
Elizabeth Berry, Mary’s mother must have moved in with Thomas and Mary sometime after 1810 because in 1815 Elizabeth Berry’s will was probated in Person County.

Elizabeth Berry was listed on page 185 in the Person County Index of Estate Records
Person County Record Book 7, Page 185

I also know that Thomas and Mary had one son named Josiah Berry, but I do not know where he was born.
Person County Record Book in 1862

There was a letter sent back to North Carolina from Auburn Alabama concerning an Orphan named Preston Berry. See the details in the letter listed here.

Thomas and Mary were listed in Person County in 1820 but I do not know who the extra female in their listing was.

  • Josiah Berry date and place unknown

Thomas and Mary Berry had a grandson named Preston Berry who was in Macon County  Auburn Alabama  listed as an orphan around the time of the Civil War.  Go to Mary’s Mother’s page to view documents sent to Orange County from Alabama about Preston Berry.

Mary Berry was born in Orange County North Carolina and after marriage she lived in Person County

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“ Mary Berry was 18 years old in the 1810 Person County NC Census”

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