Mary Kempe PAC

Mary Kempe from Princess Ann County Virginia


Mary’s Parents George and Mary Hutchinson Kempe

MARY KEMPE married RICHARD WILLIAMSON (daughter of George and Mary Hutchinson Kempe of Kempe’s Landing) There is some question at this time about Mary Kempe’s marriage date since George amd Mary Hutchison Kempe may not have arrived in America before 1650. My thoughts are that Richard Williamson and Mary Kempe were probably married around 1670 to 1675. From Richard Williamson’s 1721 will we learn that his children were:

  • Roger Williamson
  • John Williamson
  • Bartholomew Williamson
  • George Williamson
  • Mary Williamson m Robert Berry
  • Sarah Williamson m Matthew Mathias
  • Anne Williamson Married Hugh Whitehurst

Richard Williamson also mentions his grandaughter Mary Williamson (daughter of George Williamson) and his Grandson Calob Whitehurst (son of Hugh and Anne Whitehurst). There is no mention of any other grandchildren in the will. I suspect all of the other grandchildren were grown and married in 1721 when Richard wrote this will. We know that Robert and Mary Williamson Berry had other children but they may have all been born after Richard Williamson died. With the seven children Richard and Mary Kempe Williamson had there must have been other grandchildren. From Anne Foster Williamson Caroway’s will we know that Richards Williamson’s father Roger Wulliamson was dead by 1650. Therefore Richard Williamson must have been at least 71 years old in 1721.