Robert Berry PAC 1730 Will and Transcript

Below is the transcription of Robert Berry (PAC) 1730 Will with all the spelling errors as they appear in the original.

Will of Robert Berry September 20th 1730

  In the name of God Amen: The twentieth day of September in the year of our
  Lord one thousand and six hundred and thirty. I Robt Berry of Prencess Ann County in
  Virginia being of perfect mind and memory
  vis I give and bequeath to my loving wife Mary Berry my plantation I now live on with
  houses cleared ground orchard sharing her gift after her decease to my son Richard 
  Berry and the heirs lawfully begot of his body for ever. I give to my son Richard
  my gun cupbard. vis I give to my son Robt Berry the plantation I had by my wife
  farming upon bought this land of George Williamsons land being about ond
  hundred acres of land to himself and the heirs of his body lawfully begot forever
  vis I give my loving wife Mary Berry all the rest of any Estate both within
  & without assessing his ----- one young mare my desire is she may
  be sold & his proceeds to be divided among all my children in the estate
  I hereby nominate, appoint & ordain my loving wife Mary Berry to be
  My whole & sole executor of this my last will & testament disposing all former
  wills by me made establishing confirming & allowing this to be my last will and
  Testament & none other –-- –-- Testimony whereof I now hereunto to 
  set my hand and seal.					   ==His Mark==   
Signed & sealed					Robert---I   Berry Seal
in presence of us
Bartho Williamson		presented at court held the 7th October 1730
Sarah S Mathyas			named then the above last will and testament
				   Rpbt Berry died in Princess Ann County
				   His Executor made oath the she is Mary Berry
				   Provided by the oath of both his witnesses
				   Hereunto is ordered to be recorded.  

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