Thomas Young Berry NC

Thomas Young Berry, was the son of Wiley P. Berry Sr


Generation 1 Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry

Generation 2 William and Hannah Cate Berry

Generation 3 Thomas Person and Sarah Lunsford Berry

Generation 4 John Robert and Elizabeth Bowling Berry

Generation 5 Wiley P and Ida Ann Wilson Berry


THOMAS YOUNG BERRY was born on May 11th 1903 and died on June 8th 1925. Thomas Young Berry was the third child of Wiley P. and Ida ann Wilson Berry. He was five years older than Malena and apparently would spend time with her on a social level. Malena was always very fond of him. Thomas was very popular with the young ladies and dated quite a few of them. One particular young lady managed to catch his fancy more than the others as it so often happens. Hattie Davis and Thomas had desided to get married and had set the date for them to be married. They were planning to be married on June 30th 1925.. Thomas Young Berry contracted Typhoid Fever in the spring of 1925.The family thinks he drank water from a stump hole that was contaminated. Thomas Young Berry died 22 days before he was to be married on June 8th 1925. The picture on the bottom left is Thomas Y. Berry in school at Meridith School.


  • Thomas had no children and was never married.


Thomas Young Berry was the second son of Wiley P. and Ida Wilson Berry

January 17, 2008


“ Thomas Young Berry was listed on his fathers 1910 and 1920 census only”