Wiley Harold Berry NC

Wiley Harold Berry, was the son of Wiley P. Berry Sr.and Ida Ann Wilson Berry


  1. Generation Robert and Mary williamson Berry,Princess Anne County. Virginia.
  2. Generation  Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry: Orange County, North Carolina.
  3. Generation  William and Hannah Cate Berry; Orange County, North Carolina.
  4. Generation  Thomas Person and Sarah Lunsford Berry: Orange County, North Carolina.
  5. Generation  John Robert and Elizabeth Bowling Berry: Orange County, North Carolina.
  6. Generation  Wiley P and Ida Ann Wilson Berry: Orange County, North Carolina.

This is probably the first picture ever taken of Wiley Harold Berry.He is the baby on the left of his sister and my mother. My Mother, Sally Malena Berry,  was born in 1908 which would make her six years old in 1914. Wiley Harold Berry was born on March 9th 1914. Woodrow Wilson Berry is on the right of his sister.
The picture was taken on the south east side of my grandparents back porch and you can see the well in the background. The porch has a wooden floor in this picture. This floor was made of concrete before I was old enough to remember anything about it. I took the color picture below at a family reunion in 1988 shortly before Woodrow died. The interesting thing between the two pictures is the direction Harold, Mother, and Woodrow were looking in both pictures. The picture was not posed with the this in mind. It was one of the little coincidences that just happened. The reunion was held at Harold’s oldest daughters home in Durham, North Carolina. There was a little fish pomd on the property and Woodrow was doing a little fishing.


The picture on the left was a wharoldberryncgrade school picture of Harold as a young boy and in the picture on the right  he was a teenager. Harold married Hilda Elizabeth Nichols on December 27th 1934. Hilda Nichols Berry was born on February 18th 1917. The Picture Below  is one of Thomas Person Berry’s home that was built in 1852 on the west half or Robert Berry’s Original Granville Land Grant property. This is the same property Robert sold to his son Joshua Berry in 1811. Woodrow is in the picture is on his brother’s left holding a sign that has the date 1852 on it. Harold was given this property by his father after Harold and Hilda were married. Harold dismantled this old home and used the material to build the home he and Hilda raised their family in.


Harold and Hilda Berry had two daughters and one son.

Hilda Nichols Berry died on August 2 2002 and Wiley Harold Berry died on June 24 2006. Both were living in Durham North Carolina at the time of their deaths and both are buried in the Berrys Grove Baptist Church Cemetery in land that was donated by John Robert and Elizabeth Frances Bowling Berry my Great grandparents.


  • Living Daughter  born December 2 1935
  • Living Son            born Jan 30 1937
  • Living Daughter  born April 30 1941

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