Williamson deeds and wills 1691 to 1755 PAC

  • Abstracts from 
  • Princess Anne County Virginia
  • Land and Probate Records
  • Abstracted From Deed Books one to seven
  • 1691-1755 by Anne Mailing
  • The first date shown in the will is the date it was written
  • The second date is when it was probated

 1DB193          Page 13

25 Jul 1698 / 7 Sep: 1698  Bartholomew WILLIAMSON – son Charles, son James land bought of brother-in-law William CHRISTOPHER, wife Martha daughter Sarah wife of Thomas HARRYSON, daughter of Mary Widow of Francis Bond, daughter Elizabeth wife of Thomas SPRATT, daughter Martha grandson Bartholomew son of Francis BOND.          Ex:    wife and Charles.  Overseers: Benoni BOROUGH, Edward MOSLEY, Sr., brother Richard.           Wit: Edward MOSLEY, Sr., William MOSLEY Sr., Thomas HARRISON, Francis MOSLEY.

1DB224          Page 14

4 Jul 1699: William RICHARDSON to son Roger WILLIAMSON 100 acres.          Wit: John EDWARDS, Bartholomew WILLIAMSON.

1DB406          Page 22

4 Oct 1704: Bartholomew WILLIAMSON deed to brother John WILLIAMSON 100 acres.     Wit:`    Christopher BURROUGH, John CARROWAY, Jr.

1DB506          Page 27

11 Oct 1707: Edward WOOD and wife Catherine deed of gift to sons Edward and Mark.     Wit:    Bartholomew WILLIAMSON, Richard WILLIAMSON:

2DB97            Page30

16 Apr 1711: James WILLIAMSON son Charles, wife Elenor.           Ex: brother Charles.     Wit: William THOMAS, William WEST, William BROWN.

2DB148          Page 31

20 Apr 1710 Richard CARROWAY- brother Thomas land given me by my father John:    brothers William and James; sister Elizabeth: cousin Elizabeth WHITEHURST. Ex: father. Wit: Charles WILLIAMSON, Richard CORBIT, John WEBLIN.

2DB244          Page 32

29 May 1712: Division of goods and chattel of Thomas IVY – wife Ursula and four youngest children Anthony, Lemuell, George, and Sarah.      Wit: Charles WILLIAMSON, John CARROWAY.

 3DB64            Page 34

1 Feb 1714:   Adam KEELING to Thomas KEELING TO Adam, John, and William KEELING sons of Thomas Dec. for 5 shillings 150 acres.           Wit: M BOUSH, Richard CROMPTON, Charles WILLIAMSON.

3DB64            Page 34

2 Feb 1714:   Adam KEELING to Thomas KEELING eldest son of Thomas Dec. for 4 lbs. 10 shillings 100 acres.   Wit: M BOUSH, Richard CROMPTON, Charles WILLIAMSON.

3DB86            Page 34

28 Aug 1715:          William and Mary FENTRESS to Thomas STANDLY for 5 lbs. 4 shillings 25 acres which belonged to David MURROW elder which he gave to his son Alexander who left it to daughter Mary who married FENTRESS. Wit: George WILLIAMSON, Richard STANDLY, Eavem STANDLY.

3DB363          Page 43

Oct 1720/ 4 Jan 1740: Richard CORBET sons John and Richard, daughters Abigail and Mary, wife Frances, Thomas WILLIAMSON son of John. Ex: wife.    Wit: Sarah SOLLEY, Tully SMYTH, Elizabeth SMYTH.

3DB476          Page 45

2 Jan 1722:    Appraisement of estate of Thomas HALL by John HARPER, John SMITH, Bartholomew WILLIAMSON.

 3DB520          Page 47

1 Sep 1721/2 Oct 1723: Richard Williamson sons, Roger, John, Bartholomew, and George; George’s daughter, Mary; his daughter, Mary Berry, wife of Robert Berry; daughter, Sarah, wife of Mathew Mathias; grandson, Caleb, son of his daughter, Ann Whitehurst, the wife of Hugh; wife, Mary.       EX: Bartholomew and George.     Wit: Anthony Webb, George Shirley, Mary Shirley.

 3DB529          Page 47

10 Oct 1723/ 1 Jan 1723:          Edward CARROWAY – brother Thomas, sister Ann, sister Sarah, brother John.    Ex: John.   Wit: Charles WILLIAMSON, James CARROWAY.

3DB533          Page 48

4 Mar 1753/1 Apr 1754: John KEMPE elder – cozen Mary WISHARD, cozen Ann COOPER, wife of Thomas, cozen James KEMPE, cozen Thomas WISHARD elder, cozen Mary daughter of George Kempe. Brothrt in Law William SMITH.        Ex      Thomas WISHARD elder and Charles   Wit:  Eliza WIZARD, Samuel GRABBERRY, Anthony WALKE.

4DB1    Page 49

10 Sep 1730/ 7 Oct 1730: Robert BERRY wife Mary, sons Richard and Robert, all my children          Ex wife.                         Wit    Bartholomew WILLIAMSON, Sarah MATHIAS.   

4DB153          Page 54

6 Dec 1727: Roger WILLIAMSON son and heir of Richard WILLIAMSON, Dec.to George WILLIAMSON for 50 schillings 15 acres in the Eastern Branch.     Wit: Arthur SAYER,     Bartholomew WILLIAMSON.

4DB210          Page 55

24 Jan 1727/2 Oct 1728: John CARROWAY grandaughter Sarah. Sons William, James, and Thomas; daughters Dinah HORSINGTON, Ann WHITEHURST, and Elizabeth WHITEHURST; WIFE Ann. Ex: son James. Wit: Daniel MCCLENAHAN, Charles WILLIAMSON, Richard WHITEHURST.

 4DB300          Page 57

1 Nov 1727/ 5 Aug 1730:          Hillary MOSELEY– son Edward Hack MOSELEY, wife Hannah.           Ex: wife.     Wit: Elenor BROTT, Charles PORTLOCK, Blandinah SHIPLEY, Charles WILLIAMSON.

 4DB315          Page 57

23 DEC 1730/6 Jan 1730/1:      George PURDY – sons William, Thomas, John and George: daughters Ursula and Elizabeth.Ex:son William and John IVY.     Trustee: James NIMMO.      Wit: William CARTWRIGHT, Thomas WILLIAMSON, James NIMMO.

4DB501          Page 61

1 May 1734: James WILLIAMSON oldest son and heir to Charles WILLIAMSON to brother Charles for 10 schillings 584 acres on Knowel’s Branch.  Wit:  Charles SAYER, James NEMMO.

5DB144          Page 65

12 Jul 1736/5 Jan 1736: John HOPKINS –Wife Percilla, son Joshua, grandson John HOPKINS, heirs Jehosaphat, grandson John STONE, granddaughter Dinah HOPKINS, son John, daughter Keziah, daughter Mary FEBTRESS, daughter Sarah, daughter Elizabeth STONE, daughter Katherine.     Ex: wife and son in law John FENTRESS.          Wit: John KEMPE, Thomas WILLIAMSON,  Carroway WHITEHURST.

5DB234          Page 66

29 Aug 1729/1 Febg 1737: Thomas CASONsons James and Thomas, daughters Margritt WILLIAMSON, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane, Ann, Ruth: wife Margritt. Ex:         Thomas.     Wit:Elizaberh DAUGE, Frances FRIZELL, William WEST.

5DB480          Page 69

22 Nov 1739/ 4 Jun 1740:        Edward PERRY sister (estate left by fatherr Joseph), friend James WILLIAMSON.        Ex: James WILLIAMSON.     Wit:    Caleb NASH, William BARRINGTON

5DB501          Page 70

1 Oct 1740:   Inventory of the estateof John BROCK  Dec. 20 Sep. 1740 by John HARPER, Anthony MOSELEY, Bartholomew WILLIAMSON, John THROWGOOD.

5DB533          Page 70

12 Dec 1740: Roger WILLIAMSON eldest son and heir of Richard WILLIAMSON to brother John 60 acres which father Richard wanted him to have.        Wit: John KEMPE, John THOROWGOOD,  Peter MALBONE, Edward BONNEY.

6DB1              Page 71

13 Dec. 1740: Roger WILLIAMSON son and heir of Richard WILLIAMSON to Anthony WALKE for 8 lbs. 50 acres left to brother John.       Wit:  John KEMPE, Tully WILLIAMSON, William HAPPER, Morrice SULLIVAN.

6DB35            Page 72

7 May 1741: Anthony WALKE, Jr. son and hier of Col. Thomas WALKE eo brother Thomas WALKE for 5 shillings 300 acres.          Wit: James NEMMO, James WILLIAMSON, George WEBLIN, Bartholomew WILLIAMSON

6DB148          Page 74

1 Sep 1742: Thomas WISHART to Tully WILLIAMSON for 5 shillings 80 acres near head of Eastern Branch – remainder of 180 acres given by James Kemp to Thomas and Mary WISHART parents of said Thomas… elder brother James WISHART.         Wit: James KEMPE, John COX, William NIMMO.

6DB197          Page 74

6 Apr 1743? Tully WILLIAMSON to Arthur SAYER for 5 shillings 190 acres that Roger WILLIAMSON gave by gift to Tully. Wit:  Thomas SPRATT, Emperor MOSLEY

6DB557          Page 80

17 Jun 1746: Lemuel WHITHURST to Richard DAVIS, ship carpenter of Norfolk for 37 lbs.16 shillings 150 acres devised to him by the will of his father Thomas.     Wit:  Abel LEWELLING, John WILLIAMSON, David MURRAY.

6DB596          Page 80

16 Sept 1746:         inventory and appraisal the estate of James WILLIAMSON by Nathaniel MCCLENAHAN, Tully ROBINSON, Edward DENBY.

6DB684          Page 82

18 Aug 1747: audit of the estate of James WILLIAMSON by Nathaniel MCCLENAHAN, James KEMPE, Tully ROBINSON.

7DB27            Page 83

7 Jul 1748:     Appraisal of the estate of Peter MORRISET by John BONNEY, Sr., Tully WILLIAMSON, Peter MALBONE, William Dyer.

7DB48            Page 84

5 Seo 1741: Elizabeth MCCLENAHAN- grandchildren Nathaniel, David, and Anne MCCLENAHAN, and Elizabeth MCCLENAHAN ROBINSON, Tully and William ROBINSON, sons of William, Elizabeth daughter of John NICHOLAS.     Ex:     John NICHOLAS, Nathaniel MCCLENAHAN.      Wit: James WILLIAMSON, Ann HANCOCK, and Ann WILLIAMSON.

 7DB109          Page86

12 Apr 1749 /20 Jun 1749:        Bartholomew WILLIAMSON- wife Dinah; sons James, Robert, Joshua, and John; daughters Prudence, Mary and Dinah. Ex: wife.     Wit:  Henry SNAIL, Sarah SNAIL, Mary DAY.

7DB111          Page 86

18 Jul 1749:   Inventory of the estate of Henry SPRATT by John BONNEY, Sr., Tully WILLIAMSON, John RUSSELL.

7DB140          Page 86

24 Sep 1747/21 Nov 1749: William DYER-          sons William and Hezekiah, daughters Elizabeth and Mary, wife Elizabeth.        Ex: wife.     Wit:  John WILLIAMSON, Thomas WILLIAMSON, Carson MOORE Jr.   

7DB142          Page 86

16 Jan 1749: Inventory of the estate of Bartholomew WILLIAMSON by John CHAPMAN.

7DB168          Page 87

6 Apr 1740/15 May 1750: John TURNER Lemuel CARTWRIGHT, Thomas TURNER, William SALMONS, Lewis PRICE, Job GASKING, John son of Tully WILLIAMSON, Francis (?) son of Tully WILLIAMSON.     Mary daughter of Tully WILLIAMSON, her brother Henry, Sarah CARTWRIGHT, daughter of Mary BARROT, Anthony, WILLIAMSON, child Elizabeth PRICE goes with. Mary Barrot.         Ex:     _____ GASKING, Jr., Lemuel CARTWRIGHT.         Wit: James  CARROWAY, Mary CARTWRIGHT.

7DB236          Page 90

4 Jan 1750/1  19 Feb/1750: ROGER T? WILLIAMSON Sr., sons Tully, Samuel, James, Solomon, Anthony, and Roger, daughter Elizabeth COOPER.     Ex: sons Roger and Solomon.        Wit: Thomas GRAINGER, Maximillian BOUSH, John WILLIAMSON.

7DB267          Page 90

20 Aug 1751: Appraisal of the estate of Michael SHERWOOD by Tully WILLIAMSON, Henry WHITE, James MOORE, John BONNEY.

7DB324          Page 92

20 May 1752:          Richard DUDLEY and wife Mary daughter of Capt Tullu SMYTH, Dec. to John DUDLEY for 6 shillings 140 ACRES, SAME LAND Richard DUDLEY the elder father of said DUDLEY exchanged with Charles SMYTH.      Wit: Benjamin MOSLEY, Thomas WILLIAMSON.

7DB450          Page 95

6 Mar1753/ 7 Apr 1753: John BATTEN, John BONNY, daughter Dinah MASON, son George, daughters Mary and Sarah, wife Mary.     Ex: George and daughter Dinah MASON.       Wit: Tully WILLIAMSON, John HEATH.

7DB468          Page 96

15 May 1753: appraisal of the estate of William MORRIS by Dennis DAULEY, Tully WILLIAMSON, Henry WHITE, John WHITEHEAD.

7DB469          Page 96

15 May 1753: Inventory of the estate of Edward BROWN by John BONNEY, sr., Tully WILLIAMSON Cornelius HENDLEY.

7DB485          Page 97

19 Jun 1753 Inventory of the estate of John GRIFFIN by John BONNEY, Sr., Tully WILLIAMSON, Cornelius HENLEY.

7DB523          Page 99

20 Nov 1753:          John ACKISS to Anthony WALK, Jr. for 5 shillings 99 acres called PossumQuarter that John ACKISS, Dec. left to his son Francis, Dec. who left it to his son John.  Wit:  Thomas Renolds WALKER, Jonathan, WHITEHURST, Charles MORRIS, Francis WILLIAMSON.

7DB549          Page 100

18 Dec 1753:           appraisal of the estate of Dinah WILLIAMSON by Samuel BOUSH, Jacob HUNTER, John HARPER.

7DB643          Page 103

5 APRIL 1753/16 OCT 1754: John Williamson Sr – sons Thomas and John, daughters Priscilla Mary MATHIAS, Sarah MATHIAS,  Sally SHEPHERD,    Ex:    son John and daughter Priscilla. Wit:  Thomas GRAINGER John INCE. Sarah RUTLAND.

7DB662          Page 103

19 Nov 1754 Inventory of the estate of John WILLIAMSON, Sr.

7DB673          Page 104

18 Feb 1755:           Audit the estate of William FRANKLIN by John BONNEY, Tully WILLIAMSON, Cason MOORE.

7DB712          Page 105

– – – -/17 Jan 1755: John RUSSEL,     sons William and John, wife. Ex:wife and John WHITEHAT, Sr.     Wit:     Tully WILLIAMSON, John GREEN, Dinah MAS0N.

7DB714          Page 105

Jul 1755: inventory of John RUSSEL by Tully WILLIAMSON, James MOORE, Jonathan BONNEY.


All of the Williamson listed in the

“Virginia Quit Rent Rolls 1704”

  • Williamson Bartho           Princess Anne County, 1704
  • Williamson Fra.                Isle Wighte County, 1704
  • Williamson George          Isle Wighte County, 1704
  • Williamson Jno                Norfolk County, 1704
  • Williamson John             Essex County, 1704
  • Williamson John             James City County 1704
  • Williamson Richard       Princess Anne County, 1704
  • Williamson Robt              Middlesex County, 1704
  • Williamson Tho.              Essex County, 1704
  • Williamson Thomas        Henrico County, 1705
  • Williamson Valentine     Prince George County, 1704
  • Williamson Wm               Accomack
  • Williamson Wm.              Essex County, 1704