William Thomas Berry Sr.

William Thomas Berry Sr., son of Henry Bradford Berry and Malissa Jeffries


Generation 1 Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry

Generation 2 Robert Jr and Mary Camp Berry

Generation 3 Thompson and Roseann Gutman Berry

Generation 4 Henry Bradford and Malissa Jefferies Berry

WILLIAN THOMAS BERRY SNR. was born June 15, 1893 in Fayette County, Alabama. He married Louisa (Bert) Minns around 1910. William and Bert were living in Corona, Walker County, Alabama (about 10 miles east of Fayette) with their first child, 1 month old John Henry. Their second son, William T was born in 1912 and William Thomas died shortly after that. Family records show he died from appendicitis and he is buried in the same cemetery as Henry Bradford and Thompson. The headstone lists his date of death as Sept 22, 1912.

William T Berry Jr. was born in 1912 in Corona, Alabama. His mother Louisa (Bert) re-married and in 1920 William T Jr. was living in Jasper, Walker County, Alabama with his Mother and Step Father Charley Burbol. The Burbols had 4 children at this time. Charles Burbol Jr., George Burbol, John Henry Berry, and William T. Berry. In 1930 William was 18 years old and living with his family in Norvell, Arkansas where they were cotton farmers and, per family stories, sharecroppers. His brother John died in 1928 in a railroad accident. Also Charles, who was 2 years old in 1920, is not listed in 1930. The Burbol/Berry family moved to the Cleveland, OH area because work was plentiful.





  • Charles Burbol Jr.
  • George Burbol


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