Willie Adolphus Berry NC

Willie Adolphus Berry, was the son of John Robert Berry Orange County, NC


Generation 1 Robert and Mary Williamson Berry

Generation 2 Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry

Generation 3 William and Hannah Cate Berry

Generation 4 Thomas Person and Sarah Lunsford Berry

Generation 5 John Robert and Elizabeth Francis Bowling Berry

Three Berry Brothers Wiley P. Berry Thomas Euart BerryWillia Adolpus Berry

Three Berry Brothers
Wiley P. Berry
Willie Aldophus Berry Thomas Euart Berry

The three brothers, W.P Berry Sr. is on the left Willie Adolphus Berry is in the center and Thomas Euart Berry, is on the right.

Willie Adolphus Berry was born June 3rd 1877. Me married Fannie Jones Hall on June 3rd 1900. Fannie Jones Hall was born on February 12th 1881. Willie died on January 8th 1961 and Fannie died on August 25, 1980. Both of them are buried at Berrys Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, on land that his Father and Mother donated to the church trustees on April 16th 1888. The trustees were Charles Ellison, Thomas J. Riley and William H. King.

Willie Adolphus and Fannie Hall Berry raised ten CHILDREN:.

  • Clyde Hall Berry b Mar 30 1901 d June 15 1979
  • Mable Lee Berry b March 16, 1903 d January 22, 2003
  • Bettie Bowling Berry b Jan 18, 1905 d April 8th 1999
  • Lula Berry b January 24th 1907 d February 4th 1926
  • Milton Banks Berry b February 24, 1909 d November 3rd 1991
  • John Lambert Berry b September 18, 1911 d December 11, 1982
  • Fannie Bennett Berry born February 11, 1914 died on May 26 2011
  • Living Female b July 4th 1916
  • Willie Adolphus Berry Jr. b September 28, 1918 d 21 Jan 2013
  • Living Female b September 26, 1921

Willie and Fannie Berry lived about a mile from where he was born in Orange County, North Carolina.His home was just across the county line in Person County. State highway NC 127 goes right past his house and leads to Roxboro,.


  • Willie Aldophus and Fanny Hall Berry in the Person County 1910 Census
  • Willie Aldophus and Fanny Hall Berry in the Person County 1920 Census
  • Willie Adolphus Berry and Fannie Hall Berry in the 1930 Person County Censu