Woodrow Wilson Berry NC

Woodrow Wilson Berry, Was The Son Of Wiley P. Berry Sr. and Ida Ann Wilson Berry


Generation 1 Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry.

Generation 2 William and Hannah Cate Berry.

Generation 3 Thomas Person and Sarah Lunsford Berry.

Generation 4 John Robert and Elizabeth Bowling Berry.

Generation 5 Wiley P. and Ida Ann Wilson Berry.

WOODROW WILSON BERRY was born on April 3rd 1912 and died on May 3rd 1989. He married Ora Mae Murray on July 7th 1936. Ora May Murray Berry was born on May 22nd 1918 and died on September 21st 2002. The picture on the left was Woodrow’s School picture.During World War ll Woodrow served in the Marines. Woodrow and Ora May Berry built their home near Mebane, Alamance County NC also.

Harold Berry Malena Henderson W.P. Berry Jr. Sitting Woodrow Berry

They only lived a short distance from his brother Eugene Berry.The picture on the leftt must have been taken about 1915 . Harold on the left was born in 1914, Malena in the center was born in 1908 and Woodrow on the right was born 1912. The color picture on the right was taken many years later and Harold is left of Malena again and Woodrow is sitting. W. P Jr. their youngest brother is standing on the right. Harold, Malena, and Woodrow are all looking the same direction as in the early picture. This was not posed this way but it just happened.

Woodrow and Ora May Berry had five daughters and no sons.


  • Peggy Berry born July,21 1937 died April 19 2011

Woodrow Wilson Berry was the fourth child of Wiley P. and Ida Wilson Berry

January 27, 2008


“ Woodrow amd Ora May Berry lived there entire lives In Orange County, and Alamance County, North Carolina”

  • Woodrow was living at his home and his father listed him in 1930 No later Census’ are available.