Franklin Pierce Berry Ky

Franklin Pierce Berry, son of Ira And Nancy Wynn/Winn Berry


  • Generation Robert and Mary Williamson Berry:Princess Anne County Virginia.
  • Generation  Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry : Orange County, North Carolina.
  • Generation  Joshua and Nancy Ellison Berry: Orange County, North Carolina.
  • Generation  Lewis and Sally Toler Berry : Orange County, North Carolina.
  • Generation  Ira and Nancy Wynn Berry NC & KY

FRANKLIN PIERCE BERRY was born on July 12th, 1854 in Uniontown Kentucky and died on January 1st, 1909 in Williamson Co., Illinois
On February 6th, 1878 Franklin P. Berry married Sophia M.

Sellers in Evansville, Indiana. Sophie was the daughter of Orman Sellers and Louisa Ashby. She was born on April 6th, 1860 in Anton, Kentucky, and died in 1912.
Franklin Pierce Berry’s picture is shown on the right.
The picture on the left is Sophie Sellers Berry; Franklin P. Berry’s wife.

Franklin Pierce Berry was most likely named after the President of the United States The fourteenth President of the United States was Franklin Pierce and he served in that office from 1853 until 1857. This coincides with the birth of Franklin Pierce Berry. President Pierce was a Democrat born in the North but had Southern sympathies.




  • Theodore Guest Berry DNA DONOR LINE b. October 30, 1878 Hopkins Co., Kentucky d. 1943
  • Maggie Berry b. September 22, 1880, Kentucky
  • Edward Berry b. November 1882 d March 24, m. Ruby Cavanaugh
  • Lenon Berry b. March 5, 1885 d. 1966
  • Sophronia b. March 16 1887 d. 1979
  • Orion Weaver Berry b. September 9, 1891
  • Maude Terrel Berry b. February 22, 1894
  • Frank Berry b. March 11, 1895 d. 1976
  • Kathrine Berry b. August 12, 1896, Sebree, Webster Co., Kentucky: d. August 22, 1966 Williamson Co., Illinois.


Pauline Berry b. September 1901, d. Williamson Co., Illinois

Franklin Pierce Berry was born in Union County Kentucky.


“ Franklin Pierce Berry was 4 years old and was listed in his fathers 1860 Union Co. Kentucky Census. ”

  • Franklin Pierce Berry was listed as a 4 year old lad in his father’s 1860 Union County Kentucky Census
  • Ira Berry wife Nancy listed head of houshold in Union County Kentucky in the 1870 Census. Nancy and Franklin are at the bottom of this page
  • Thes rest of Ira Berry family is listed at the top of this page Union County Kentucky in the 1870 Census
  • Franklin P. Berry listed his 1880 census in Hopkins County Kentucky
  • Franklin P. Berry listed his 1900 census in Webster County Kentucky