1600-1699 Timeline

1612 George Kemp was born.
1620 Ann Foster was born in England.
1620 Mary Hutchinson was born in England.
1646 Roger Williamson and Ann Foster were married.
1646/1650 Richard, Bartholomew, and Sarah Williamson were born.
1650 Roger Williamson died.
1651 Ann Foster Williamson married John Carraway and they had three children:
Mary, Elizabeth, and John Carraway.
1670 Richard Williamson married Mary Kemp about this time.
1670 to 1680 Richard and Mary’s 7 children were born.
1680 John Carraway married Ann Kemp
1690 Mary Williamson and Robert Berry (PAC) married.
1692 Ann Foster Williamson Carraway died.