John Berry Tx

John Berry, Son Of George Berry And Susan Berry


  1. Generation Robert and Mary williamson Berry, Princess Anne County, Virginia.
  2. Generation  Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry, Orange County, North Carplina
  3. Generation Robert Jr and Mary Camp Berry, NC and Fayette County Alabama.
  4. Generation George and Susanna Aldridge Berry, NC & Fayette County Alabama
  5. Generation JOHN BERRY was born in 1815 in North Carolina and died in Rusk County Texas
    John Berry was born in Orange or Person County, North Carolina. in 1815. We are positive that he is a descendant of Robert  and Elizabeth Cate Berry because one of his  his descendant’s Y-DNA matches the the Y-DNA of 13 other known Orange County Berrys. He was first discovered living in Rusk County Texas in the 1860 census but was later we found him living in Fayette County, Alabama in 1840. John met and married his wife, Mary Howell in Fayette County,Alabama. They had four children born in Alabama, two daughters and two sons. We have a lot of information on the oldest daughter Sarah Berry but have not located the second daughter. The rest of their children were born in Texas. We have never found an 1850 Census for John and Mary Howell Berry.
  • Gen 6 J.H. Berry
  • Gen 6 Sarah Berry married Hiram Howard and 4 others
  • Gen 6 Sanford C. Berry
  • Gen 6 Thomas Berry
  • Gen 6 James Berry married  Nancy Orleans “Orlena” Lee
  • Gen 6 Amanda F. Berry married John Bascom Taylor 1865
  • Gen 6 Robert W. Berry
  • Gen 6 Alexander Howard Berry married Josephine Priscilla Gregory 1877
  • Gen 6 Louisa J. Berry
  • Gen 6 Eliza Berry
  • Gen 6 Emma Berry
  • Gen 6 Francis Marion Berry married Fannie Lilly Hudspeth 1890

John Berry was born in Orange County North Carolina and died in Texas.

December 11, 2007


“ John Berry listed in Fayette County Alabama and Rusk County Texas Census. No Census record has been found for the John Berry family in 1850. ”

  • John Berry was listed on his Father’s 1830 Fayette County Alabama Census.
  • John Berry listed in the 1840 Fayette County Alabama Census.
  • John Berry listed in the 1860 Rusk County Texas Census.
  • John Berry’s Widow Mary Howell Berry listed in the 1870 Rusk County Texas Census.
  • Mary Howell Berry’s Son Alexander Berry was living a few farms away from her in the 1880 Clay County Texas Census.
  • Mary Howell Berry’s Daughter Amanda F. Berry Taylor and her husband John Bascom Taylor were living on the next farm to her in the 1880 Clay County Texas Census.
  • Mary Howell Berry’s was living with her son Frank in the 1880 Clay County Texas Census.