Aldridge Berry Farquhar Waggoner Connection

There are several marriages in different Berry Lines involving these four families

From Henry Waggoners 1784 Will  (Orange County NC Deed Book A Page 231)           Henry and Ketriana Waggoner’s Children:

  • John Waggoner
  • Henry Waggoner Jr.
  • Jacob Waggoner
  • Susanna Waggoner Smith married Stephen Smith
  • Elizabeth Waggoner Johns
  • George Waggoner married Mary Berry about 1865
  • Mary Waggoner married Robert Berry Jr about 1884
  • Judith Waggoner married Peter Aldridge on January 4th 1786
  • Jenny Waggoner May not be her name because it is nearly unreadable.
  • Ketrina Waggoner
  • Uli Waggoner  married William Stagg on January 22nd 1805

NOTE: Uncertain of birth order  

NOTE: Robert Berry Sr. Sold  William Stagg 200 acres of land on February 27th 1807   

1800 Person County, North Carolina Census.

1800 Waggoner Children Person County    

1810 Person County, North Carolina Census 

P County 1810 Waggoners

In Henry Waggoner’s will he listed his daughter as 1. Susanna Smith, 2. John, 3. Henry, 4. George Waggner  (Dec)  as his sons.  Catherine Waggoner in the census above was married to James Waggoner who was not listed as one of his sons. However the fact that all four of the families are living so close to each other indicates that they are related to each other. We know that 5. Judith Waggoner married Peter Aldridge and 6. Mary Waggoner married Robert Berry Jr. This accounts for 6 of Henry Sr.and Ketriana Waggoner’s 11 Children named in his 1784 will.  All five of the living children named above were living in Person County in 1810                               

Robert Berry Jr was the bondsman for Peter Aldridge  marriage to Judith Waggoner on February 4th 1786

Robert Berry Jr. posted Bond for James Waggoner’s Widow, Catherine Waggoner to administer her husband’s Estate. ( November 1791 Term Orange County Court Minutes: Bk. 4 Pg.114)

Peter and Judith Waggoner Aldridge’s Children:

  • Susanna Aldridge Married Robert Berry Juniors son, George Berry about 1814
  • John Aldridge
  • David Aldridge
  • Catherine Aldridge Her Maternal Grand Parents  Henry and Ketriana Waggoner   
  • Joseph Aldridge                                                                                                                  
  • Peter Aldridge Jr.                                                                                                                   
  • Jenny Aldridge                                                                                                                        
  • Uley Aldridge

Robert Jr. and Mary Waggoner Berry’s Children:

  • Catherine Berry  Maternal Grandmother was Ketriana Waggoner
  • George Berry Maternal Uncle George Waggoner and his paternal Aunt Mary Berry’s  husband
  • John Berry
  • Henry G. Berry died young in Orange County.
  • Susan Berry married John H. Ray
  • David Middleton Berry married 1st Didama Box 2nd Frances Henderson
  • Thompson P. Berry married Rosanna Gutman.
  • Catherine Berry married Jacob Pickle
  • George Berry married Susanna Aldridge

Person County, North Carolina. 1810 Census Below.

RBJ 1810 Person County

SAR APP PAGE 1 John Waggoner

Transcript of the Application for the SAR shown above.

William Author Salmon age 52 states that he descends from John Waggoner from South Carolina who died c 1784. He also said he was born in Chapel Hill, Douglas County. Georgia on February 20 1870.                                                                                                     William A. Salmon list his ancestors:                                                                                               Son of James Wilson Salman b: 1843 d. 1908.                                                                                 and his Wife Lucinda Catherine Riley  b. 1850 d. 1925 married 1864.                                    Grandson of William C. Salman b. 1811 d. 1891 and his wife Nancy Camp b. 1821 d. 1879. m.1836.                                                                                                                                                 Great Grandson of  Thomas Camp b. 1800 d. 1847.                                                                   and his wife Lettie Lindley  b. 1803 d. 1872.                                                                                   Great Great Grandson of Joseph Camp b. 1777                                                                           and his wife Elizabeth Camp b 1781 married 1799.                                                                          Great Great Great Grandson of Thomas Camp.                                                                   and his wife Susan Waggoner of Wagoner.                                                                                   Great Great Great Great Grandson of John Waggoner                                                         who served in the revolutionary War.

  • Thomas Camp married Sarah Williamson in 1653 Waltham, Holy Cross England
  • Thomas Camp married Cathrine Barron 1689 in James City County, Virginia
  • Thomas B. Camp b, 1691 King & Queen Co. VA d. 1751 Culpeper VA.                                  married 1715 Mary Ida Marshall b. Westminster Co. VA. D. 1757 Culpeper VA.
  • John Waggoner married Mary Tarpley and their Children were:
  1. Thomas Camp married Susan Waggoner
  2. James Camp married Mary Berry Waggoner  George Waggoners widow
  3. Annie Naomi Camp married John Hill
  4. Starling Camp married Annah Helm
  5. William Camp married Sarah Elizabeth Reeves 2nd Unknown Dunn
  6. Abner Camp married Elizabeth Ragsdale
  7. Kezziah Camp married Benjamin Arnold
  8. John Camp Jr. married Eliza Thomason
  9. Sara Camp married Thomas Graydon or Grayson
  10. Winifred Camp married Thomas Kinsman


Source: “Our Berrys in Frontier America Revised and Updated” Pages 115 & 116

Richard  Williamson married Mary Kemp, daughter of George and Ann Kemp, Princess anne , County Virginia.

Mary Kemp Williamson was Mary Berry’s grandmother

James and Mary Berry Camp had a son, Joseph Camp, who was an Attorney in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Joseph Camp did the power of Attorney for his three brothers and his sister and hand delivered it to Uncle Henry Berry in North Carolina on December 29 1816. Mary Berry was married to George Waggoner but his will was probated in Orange County, North Carolina. See: Mary Berry Page.

Transcript of the document below: John Waggoner grant of land for service during the Revolution P 169 Historical Collection or the Georgia Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution Pub in 1916 vs John P. Waggoner 1000 acres.                                                             Thomas Camp goes bond as Administrator of John Waggoner estate in 1774 Spartanburg, South Carolina, Court House, Box 21-7. In March 1818 Susan Waggoner or Wagoner In Jackson County, Georgia, gave Power of Attorney to Joseph Camp, her Son-in-Law to recover her part of the estate of George Wagoner of the York Dist. S. C.

Reference: “Georgia Roster of the Revolution” Knight page 431

Mary Berry Camp’s children were living in Jackson County, Georgia, when they filed their Power of Attorney in 1815, and John Berry died in Jackson County, Georgia in 1804.

Thomas Camp was Mary Berry Camps brother in Law. He was James Camps brother and he was born in 1765 . He married Susan Waggoner in North Carolina

SAR APP PAGE 2 John Waggoner

Farquhar Family:

James Farquhar Estate

Aldridge to Farquhar 1817

Peter Aldridge estate settlement Person county 1816

On June 13th 1777 George Smith of Caswell County, North Carolina sold to John Cate Sr. of the same county for 105 Pounds, 76 acres on Flat River adjoining John Cates own line. Witnessed: Elizabeth C. Berry. (John Cate’s daughter and Robert Berry’s wife), Robert Smith, John Cate Sr. (Caswell County Deed Book A Page 43)

NOTE: This part of Caswell County became Person County in 1791

On December 2nd 1777, James Smith of Caswell County sold George Smith of same county for 105 Pounds 76 acres on Byrd’s Creek adjoining John Cate Sr. Witness: Richard Holeman, and William Armstrong ( Caswell County Deed Book A Page 29)

Robert Berry Jr. purchased 50 acres of land on February 3rd 1812 from John Menshaw for $70. This property is on Byrd’s Creek  where Robert Menshaw (Deceased) had lived. The property was adjacent to Dickens property. The deed was also signed by Elisha Menshaw and Witnessed by William Cook and Robert Berry Junior’s Son in Law, Jacob Pickle. (Person County Deed Book D.Page 331)

Sale of land in Person County 1812 - Copy

James Farquhar land purchace 1819

Anderson Farquhar was born in North Carolina on July 29th 1809. Three of his sisters were Catherine Farquhar Berry, Wife of George Rufus Berry, Elizabeth Farquhar Berry, wife of William T. Berry, and Sarah Farquhar Traweek wife of Bailey Traweek. Anderson Farquhar married Levina Kirkland on December 4th 1828. Lavina Kirkland was born on June 10th 1810 in Tennessee. Anderson became a very successful farmer in Fayette County, Alabama.

William Clarence Berry was a descendant of the William and Hannah Cate Berry Family line.                                                                                                                                                       Children of William Clarence Berry and his first wife Sally Bowles:

Children of William Clarence Berry and his second wife Massa Ann Thompkins:

  • John Thomas Berry married Elizabeth Ann Kizziah
  • Mary Jane Berry married Enoch Jefferson Kizziah (changed surname to Kizzire)
  • Henry Tompkins Berry married Elizabeth Farquhar
  • Lucenda Temperance Berry married William Melvin Cook
  • Sarah Catherine Berry married William F. Crowley
  • Martha Minerva Berry married Unknown Lockley
  • William Smith Berry married Fannie L. Davis 1st wife,Lillie Ann Webb 2nd wife.
  • Amanda Narcissus Berry married William Travis Hutto
  • Julia Anne Berry married Elbert J. Barton

NOTE: Much of William Clarence Berry’s  information came from “Wagons South Wagons West ” by Victor Glenn Berry.

The Farquhar’s were a very large family (13) in all. The youngest was William Anderson Farquhar who was about a year old when the family left Alabama and joined a wagon train headed for Texas. There were several families who went together on this journey. The Anderson Farquhar family, the Hugh McCoy family, the Bailey Traweek  family. and maybe others. After the Wagon Train reached the Mississippi River they went by water to New Orleans. From New Orleans they steamed to Matagorda Bay which was about 150 miles south of Galveston Texas.

After the party landed misfortune overtook them. They had only traveled a short distance when they were delayed at the Colorado River due to high water.During the time of this encampment, sickness broke out and two of the Farquhar daughters died. Nancy E. Farquhar, age 18, died on March 14th 1852. On April 6th 1852 Parmillia Jane Farquhar, age, 17 died. They were both buried near Matagorda Bay. Descendants say they died from Cholera, which they themselves called “fever”.

As soon as possible the party pressed onward, going up the Colorado Rover bu boat, thence by Ox drawn wagons until the arrived at Fayetteville, Fayette County Texas.

The wagons rolled to a stop there in the late spring of 1852 and homes were built where the settlers lived for the next two years. While at this place another tragedy struct the Farquhar Family, Their oldest son, John K. Farquhar, age 23 died.

Graves marked every trail these pioneers took. the first little grave in Alabama was that of a two year old son, Danial Alexander Farquhar, who died in 1849.

The pioneers decided to make another move to Burnet County. The men went to select some permanent  homesteads in the northern part of Burnet County. In 1854 , they began the long wearisome journey. They crossed the barren stretches of central Texas in Ox drawn wagons., suffering from exposure, and untold hardships. The only human beings seen were Indians,nor was there a house from Old Round Rock to their final destination near Lampasas Texas. Anderson and Levina Farquhar built their home from Cedar logs which were cut and hewn by hand. The Couple lived the rest of their lies in this home which stood as a monument to their courage and fortitude until 1923 when the building was destroyed by fire.

Anderson Farquhar headstone Cauble CemeteryBoth are buried
Cauble Cemetery
Lake Victor
Burnet County

Anderson Farquhar was the son of James Farquhar, Jr. of Person County, N. C. and Fayette County, Alabama. (His mother is not presently known). He married Lavina Kirkland on December 4, 1828, and they were the parents of thirteen children, all thought to be born in Fayette County, Alabama. Anderson and his family left Alabama for Texas in the spring of 1852 and were getting settled in Burnet County by the fall of 1853 (per Texas State Land Records). This area later became known as the Sunny Lane community.

John Kirkland Farquhar September 24, 1829-August 12, 1853
James Gusti Farquhar January 22, 1831-May 21, 1910
Harriet Farquhar McCoy December 7, 1832-November 18, 1906
Nancy E. Farquhar March 7, 1834-March 14, 1853
Permelia Jane Farquhar December 28, 1835-April 6, 1853
Robert Wilson Farquhar December 2, 1837-May 25, 1917
Mary Catherine Farquhar Riggs
January 12, 1839-April 15, 1898
David Jackson Farquhar December 27, 1842-September 29,1915
Thomas Jefferson Farquhar
December 29, 1844-April 16, 1864
Ambrose Nelson Farquhar December 29, 1844-January 2, 1933
Daniel Alexander Farquhar
August 19, 1847-February 12, 1849
Francis Marion Farquhar October 2, 1849-June 4, 1937
William Anderson Farquhar
December 30, 1851-September 9,1926

William and Hannah Cate Berry have descendants living in the Sunnylane Community Burnet County,Texas, Lampasas TX, Granite Shoals TX, and Weatherford TX.
David J. and Mary Blalock Berry have a descendant currently  living in Dallas Texas   John and Martha Stepp Berry have descendants  living  Mesquite TX.                               Robert Jr and Mary Waggoner Berry have descendants living in Fort Worth TX

  1. Generation Robert and Mary Williamson Berry: Princess Anne County, Virginia
  2. Generation Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry: Orange County, North Carolina.
  3. Generation Robert Jr and Mary Waggoner Berry: NC & Fayette County, Alabama
  4. Generation David Middleton and Didama Box Berry Fayette County. Alabama.
  5. Generation  John H and Catherine Dennis Berry Ala and Texas
  6. Generation Martha A. Berry

Martha A Berry and David Jackson Farquhar

Martha A


Headstone of Martha A Berry and David Jackson Farquhar

Martha A Berry was the daughter of John H and Catherine Denis Berry

David Jackson Farquhar was the son of Anderson and Lavina Kirkland Farquhar.


  1. Generation Robert and Mary Williamson Berry: Princess Anne County, Virginia
  2. Generation Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry: Orange County, North Carolina.
  3. Generation William and Hannah Cate Berry, Orange County, North Carolina.
  4. Generation Williams Clarence and Sally Bowles Berry Orange County, NC.
  5. Generation George Rufus and Catherine Farquhar Berry, Ala. and Texas
  6. Generation Thomas Person Pierce and Alberta Allie Taylor Berry
  7. Robert Melvin and Eliza Della Farquhar Berry

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