Catherine Berry Nc

Catherine Berry, daughter of Robert Jr. and Mary Waggoner Berry


  1. Generation Robert and Mary Williamson Berry Princess Anne County Virginia.
  2. Generation Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry Orange County North Carolina.
  3. Generation Robert Jr. and Mary Waggoner Berry NC & Fayette County Alabama.
  4. Generation Catherine Berry & her husband Jacob Pickle NC, Ala, Mississippi.

Catherine Berry was born in 1785 in Orange County North Carolina and she died sometime after 1850. She married Jacob Pickle they were married on February 20th 1802. Jacob Pickle was born in 1766. He was listed in the 1850 census as 84 years old and Catherine listed her age as 65. Jacob also died sometime after 1850

In the 1810 census Jacob and Catherine listed three sons and a daughter. In my list of children I only have two sons and a daughter born before 1810. One of their sons must have died sometime after 1810.In the 1810 Census you will see that Jacob Pickle listed next door to Cathrine’s Uncle David J. Berry. David could not be Cathrine’s father though because he was only about 10 or 11 years old when Catherine was born. It has been determined that Robert Berry Jr.and Mary Camp are Catherine Berry’s Parents.

This piece of paper was found in the bottom of a trunk where Catherine and Jacob Pickle tintype pictures were found. The paper was probably originally attached to the picture of Jacob. It says Jacob Pickle Gr Grandfather of J.N. Pickle wife is Catherine Berry

The pictures of Catherine Berry and Jacob Pickle were supplied by a descendant of the couple on December 7th 2008.



  • Mary Pickle m. William McCollum b. 1803 North Carolina d. 21 March 1849 Fayette County.
  • Robert Pickle m. Sarah Aldridge b. 1805 North Carolina d. 21 July 1881 Monroe County
  • Henry Pickle m. Lavinia Ray b. 1807 North Carolina
  • Wesley Greenberry Pickle m. Emma Blaylock b. 1812 North Carolina
  • James R. Pickle m. Jane Ward b. 5 April 1813 Georgia d. 2 September 1875 Fayette County.
  • John Pickle m. Mary C. Fowler b. 1816 Fayette County d. 1883 Dossville, Leake County, Mississippi.
  • Jacob Lewis Pickle m. May Mary Black b. 1820 Alabama d. 7 April 1887 Attala County, Mississippi.
  • Nancy Elizabeth Pickle m. Dill b. 1825 Alabama d. 17 February 1897 Dossville, Leake County.
  • Catherine Pickle b. 9 Oct 1825 Alabama

The birth date of James R. Pickle in 1813 in Georgia leads us to believe that Jacob and Catherine did spend a short time somewhere in Georgia. The birth date of John Pickle if 1816 would mean it was a very short time with John born in Fayette County Alabama. This information also means that Jacob and Catherine left North Carolin around 1812. This makes perfect sense since Robert Berry Senior wrote his will on April 16th 1812 and Robert Berry Jr. did not inherit any land from his father. The spring of the year would be a very good time to migrate. They would have been in Georgia soon enough to make a late planting.
Robert Berry Jr. had nephews by his sister Mary Camp living in Fayette County Georgia in that time period.

Birth Date Source:

From the family bible where birth, marriage and death dates are noted. He has said it is the family bible of Jacob, I assume that is Jacob Pickle his gg grandfather, son of Robert Pickle.

Catherine and Jacob Pickle removed to Mississippi after 1812

Census Information:

“ Jacob and Catherine were living next door to David J. Berry in 1810”

  • Jacob and Cathrine listed in Orange County N C in 1810
  • No census record has been found for Jacob and Catherine in 1820.
  • The Pickle family was living in Fayette County Alabama in 1830
  • Jacob and Catherine Pickl are livin in Monroe County Mississippi, in 1840
  • Jacob Pickle is listed at the bottom of the census page in Mississippi in 1850.
  • The rest of the family is listed on the next Census page in Monroe Mississippi in 1850
  • I have been unable to find Jacob and Catherine in the 1860 census. They are supposed to have migrated to Attala County with two of their children, Jacob Lewis Pickle and John Pickle. Jacob Lewis and John moved their families to Attala County and the neighboring Leake County. This movement took place sometime between 1850 and 1860. Apparently Jacob died in Attala County before the 1870 census.
  • The 1870 census of Attala County, Mississippi has Catherine Pickle 89 (Widow) b. North Caroline living with Jacob Lewis Pickle age 50 b. Alabama. Several other Pickle family members are also on the 1870 census.