Census Page for Thomas Berry


  1. Generation Robert and Mary Williamson Berry, Princess Anne County, Virginia.
  2. Generation Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry, Orange County, North Carolina.
  3. Generation Thomas Berry 1772 – d: Bef. 16 Apr 1812 . Tenn                                          ……………… +Sarah Cate 1781 – m: 11 Aug 1800  N.C. d: 07 March 1875 Tenn.

1800 Orange County, North Carolina Census.


1800 Orange County, North Carolina, listing for Robert Berry Jr., Robert Berry Sr., Joshua Berry Sr., David J. Berry Sr.,William Berry, and Thomas Berry.

William Berry never listed in another  Orange County, North Carolina Census.

This was the only US Census. in which Thomas Berry ever listed. We know Thomas was not in Orange County, North Carolina in 1810 because his wife, Sarah Cate Berry,  was enumerated in her sister’s, Hannah Cate Berry’s 1810 Orange County, North Carolina Census. There were only 4 males under 10 years old listed in that census.

1810 oc census

Hannah Cate Berry’s 1810 Census

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