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  1. Generation Robert and Marry Williamson Berry, Princess Anne County, Georgia.
  2. Generation Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry, Orange County, North Carolina.
  3. Generation David J. and Mary Blalock Berry, Orange County, North Carolina, and Georgia
  4. Generation Robert and Elizabeth Everett Berry, Georgia.
  5. Generation Robert Riley and Martha “Mattie” Starke Berry

Gen 6 Generation Enoch M. and Mary Edna Stuart Cullman Alabama.

1930 United Stated Federal Census, Vinemont, Cullman Alabama

  • Enoch M. Berry   age 48
  • Edna Berry           age 48
  • Chester Berry       age 19
  • Ester Berry           age 17
  • Louis Berry           age 14
  • Buel Berry             age 11
  • Winifred Berry     age 9 (Shorty)
  • Claude Berry         age 6

Enoch M. Berry family pic

L-R: Chester Berry,Enoch Merrill Berry, Winfred (Shorty) Berry, Lewis Berry, Buel Berry, Mary Edna Stuart Berry,Claude Berry, Ester Berry.

1900 United States Federal Census Cullman. Cullman County, Alabama.

Mary Edna Stuart 1900Cullman Ala

Jasper B. Stuart Family 1900 Cullman Alabama

  • Jasper B. Stuart           M   W  Age 47  Jan. 1853
  • Sarah E. Stuart          F     W  Age 47   Apr. 1853
  • Selena E. Stuart         F     W  Age 27   June 1872
  • Martha A. Stuart       F     W  Age 22   Oct. 1877
  • John T. Stewart            M    W  Age 20   March 1880
  • Mary E. Stuart           F     W  Age 18   March 1882 Married Enoch M. Berry
  • Jeanner Stuart         F     W   Age 15   July 1884
  • Margaret F.Stuart     F     W   Age 13   Aug. 1886
  • Grady M. Stuart       M    W   Age 10   Sept 1889
  • Jennie Stuart            F     W   Age 7      July 1892
  • Arvil O. Stuart        M    W   Age 6     April 1895

Enoch and children at Edna Berrys funeral

Enoch M. Berry with his children at their mother, Mary Edna Stuart Berry’s, Funeral in 1931. She is buried at  Flint Creek Baptist Church Cemetery in Cullman. Cullman County Alabama. L-R  Enoch Berry,Claude Berry, Lewis Berry, Winfred (Shorty) Berry, Ester Berry Sloan,Chester Berry.

Funera pic 2 Black and white

L- R Lewis Berry, Ester Berry, Chester Berry, Enoch Berry, Buell Berry, Winifred Berry, and Claude Berry at Mary Edna Stuart Berry’s, Grave in 1931

1940 Cullman, Cullman County Alabama Census

Freda Mae Kennedy 1940 Cullman Ala

  • Thomas Kennedy               M     W      Age 53
  • Annie Lue  Kennedy          F       W    Age 43
  • Venson Kennedy                M     W     Age 21
  • Sherman Kennedy             M     W     Age 19
  • Dexter Thomas Kennedy M      W     Age 17
  • Leldon Kennedy                M      W     Age 16
  • Freda Mae Kennedy          F       W     Age 14 married Claude Berry
  • Eva Ray Kennedy              F       W      Age 9

Anne Lue Kennedy was Annie Lue Parsons before she married Thomas G. Kennedy

Top Right

Claude H. and Freda M. Kennedy Berry on their Wedding day.                                                 Standing on the Left of Freda is her brother, Leldon Kennedy.

middle left

Claude and Freda Kennedy Berry with their daughter Claudia A. Berry Bircheat.

bottom left

Enoch M and Edna Stuart Berry’s boys with Estelle, Winfred Berry’s wife.





bottom right 2



Claude and Freda Kennedy Berry with Claudia A Berry 1947 or 1948

mom and grandma

Freda M Kennedy Berry with her Grandmother

Claude USAForce

Claude Berry as he was entering the United States Army Air Force in World War ll

army pictures

More Pictures


Enoch Berry grave

Flint Creek Cemetery

Photo Source: Find A Grave

Enoch and Edna Berry are buried at the Flint Creek Baptist Church Cemetery in Cullman, Cullman County, Alabama.


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