George Rufus Berry NC

George Rufus Berry, son of William Clarence Berry and Sally Bowles Berry


  1. Generation Robert and Mary Williamson Berry: Princess Anne County, Virginia
  2. Generation  Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry: Orange County North Carolina.
  3. Generation William and Hannah Cate Berry: Orange County North Carolina.
  4. Generation  William Clarence and Sally Bowles Berry:Orange County North Carolina.

George Rufus Berry was born on February 29th 1829 in Orange County, North Carolina. George Rufus Berry was only about 6 years old when his mother died and his father decided to remove the family to Fayette County, Alabama where other Berry Family members were already settled. George’s sister Elizabeth Jane was only 4 years old and the baby, Roan Frances Berry was just 2.

I now have very good reason to think that all of Hannah Cate Berry’s children went to Fayette County Alabama in 1835. I know that William Clarence Berry’ brother, Robert C. Berry, and his half sister, Elizabeth Berry Franklin, did go to Fayette County Alabama where their Uncle Robert Berry Jr lived. Theodrick and Elizabeth Berry Franklin’s second child was born in Alabama in 1835. Their third child was born in Floyd County, Georgia. Robert C. Berry met and married Sarah Chappell in Fayette County, Alabama around 1838. They lived out their lives there.

Thomas Person Berry married Sarah Lunsford in Orange County, North Carolina on September 28 1831. Their first child was born in 1836 back in Orange County, North Carolina. Thomas was William and Hannah Cate Berry’s youngest son. Since Most  of Hannah Cate Berry’s children and all of her grandchildren were going to Alabama I think the entire family went to Alabama and for what ever reason Thomas, his wife, and mother decided to return to North Carolina.

George R. was only 7 years old when his father married his second wife Massa Ann Tomkins in 1836. Working with his father and younger brothers, George spent the next twelve years learning all the necessary skills required to be a successful farmer. On January 10th, 1848 George R. Berry married Sarah Catherine Farquhar in Fayette County Alabama. Catherine Farquhar was the daughter of James and Mary Aldridge Farquhar and was born in Tennessee on September 29th 1826. Catherine died in Burnet County, Texas, on January 23rd 1905. Mary Aldridge Farquhar is more than likely to have been related to Susan Aldridge who married George Berry.  In 1849 George R Berry had a half sister born and his stepmother named her Sarah Catherine Berry suggesting that Georges’s new wife was well loved by his family. On September 20th 1854 George R. Berry was granted land in Fayette Alabama.

Name: George R Berry Age in 1860: 30 Birth Year: 28 Feb 1829 Birthplace: North Carolina Home in 1860: Eastern Division, Fayette, Alabama Gender: Male Post Office: Fayette Court House

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Eastern Division, Fayette, Alabama; Roll: M653_9; Page: 351; Image: 356.                                                                                                 Household Members:                                                                                                                               Name                                        Age

  • George R Berry                30           Self
  • Catherine Berry               34           Wife
  • Sarah E Berry                     8           Daugher
  • Thos P P Berry                    6          Son
  • John D D Berry                   3         Son
  • James H H Berry             3/12      Son
  • Roan Berry                         27        Sister
  • Mary Farquhar                  21        Sister in Law
  • Elizabeth Farquhar           17        Sister in Law Married Henry T. Berry after the war.
  • Ale Kiziah                           22        Roan’s husband Killed in Civil War

The Civil War began 0n April 12th 1861. This War was to have many terrible effects on the lives of George Rufus Berry and all of his relatives living in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, Iowa and North Carolina. On March 3rd 1862 George R. Berry was elected constable in and for Fayette County in Berry’s Beat. There was a Bailiff Bond for $1000 issued in his name and William G. Whitson and David Berry were co-signers.
Two of George’s half brothers and one brother-in-law had entered the CSA army. John Thomas Berry enlisted as a private 26th, Alabama Regiment Company A on September 17th 1861. In January 1862 Roan Berry Kizzah’s husband, Riley Kizzah enlisted in the War with the 41st Alabama Infantry Regiment, Company H. Riley Kizzah was killed in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in November 1862. George Rufus Berry’s half brother, Henry T. Berry, enlisted in the 41st, Alabama Infantry Regiment Company H on March 3rd 1862.
On April 7th 1863 George Rufus Berry enlisted as a private Company E. 13th Battalion Alabama Partisan Rangers: CSA Calvary. When the War ended George was in Greensboro North Carolina about 30 miles from his Uncle Thomas Person Berry in Orange County. My speculation is that he may have visited his relatives in Orange County before returning to Fayette Alabama. (SEE NOTE*) Picture of George Rufus Berry Belowgeorgerufusberry

After George Rufus Berry returned to Alabama Texas Fever abounded every where and especially in Alabama. George and Catherine Berry sold their 160 acre farm to his sister, Elizabeth Jane Berry Whitson and her Husband A. G. Whitson for $250 in 1867, Description: E 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of S-12;TS-16; R-12W: then NW1/4 of the NW 1/2 TS-16:S-7: R-11W:also NW1/4 of the NE 1/2 S-12; TS-16; R-12W(; vol.#I;p.196)

After selling their land in Fayette Alabama George Rufus Berry, his half brother John Thomas Berry, his other half brother Henry T Berry and his widowed Sister Roan Kizziah and their families joined a wagon train bound for Burnet County Texas to homestead land.
Sarah Catherine “Katie” Farquhar Berry wife of George Rufus died in Burnet County Texas on January 23 1905. George Rufus Berry died in Burnet County Texas on Dec. 25th 1909. They are both buried in the Cauble Cemetery, Burnet County, Texas.

alexanderdixonhouse bennethouseNOTE* The Civil war ended on April 9th 1865 and the treaty was signed at the Bennett house outside of Durham North Carolina. General Johnson was camped on My 3rd great grandfather’s sister’s farm. The farm belonged to Alexander and Elizabeth Wilson Dixon. I am related to this family through my grandmother Ida Ann Wilson Berry.
Alexander Dixon House on the right is currently being used as the Welcome Center in Hillsborough NC. The Bennett House is on the Left
General Sherman was Camped in Durham North Carolina. The Bennett house was located about half way between Durham and Hillsborough. The first day that the two Generals met General Sherman told General Johnson as they walked away from earshot of any of the guards was that President Lincoln had been shot and killed. General Sherman said that it was his opinion that the troups not be told this news at this time. His fear was that it would reinstate the animosity and riots might result. General Johnson concurred.
Many of the facts that I have quoted here came from the book “Wagons South, Wagons West” by Victor Glenn Berry who was a great-great-grandson of William Clarence Berry.

  • Sarah Berry born in 1852 Fayette Co. Alabama
  • Thomas P. P. Berry Born in 1854 Fayette Co. Alabama
  • John D.D.Berry Born in 1857 Fayette Co. Alabama
  • James H.H. Berry Born in 1860 Fayette County Alabama
  • George Berry Born in 1862 Fayette County Alabama
  • William Berry Born in 1867 Fayette County Alabama

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Census Information

“ George Rufus Berry was listed on his fathers census (William Clarence Berry) in 1830 & 1840

  • George Rufus Berry listed in Fayette County Alabama in the 1850 Census for the first time as head of Household
  • George Rufus Berry Listed in Burnet County Texas in 1860
  • George Rufus Berry Listed in Burnet County Texas in 1870
  • George Rufus Berry Listed in Burnet County Texas in 1880
  • George Rufus Berry Listed in Burnet County Texas in 1900

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