History Of The Cover Pages 2015


Front Cover Picture

The Chimney is all that remains of Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry’s Plantation home which was built in 1766, 10 years, before the declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. The old Plantation Home was donated to the  Chapell Hill NC Fire Department and burned in Fire Drill Training exercises. The Picture of the Chimney was taken by Benjamin Berry Henderson Sr. in 2007.

fiddletonburns                    rberryhome

Burning of Robert Berry’s Plantation Home

12 by 792 Back of book

Back Cover Picture

The Back Cover Picture was taken  in the forest that was located on  Robert Berry’s Granville Land Grant in Orange County, North Carolina, which was granted to him on  May 12th 1757. The Trees would have been much larger in 1751 when Robert Berry first arrived here but the forest would have looked very much as it does in this picture.The picture was taken in 2007 by Benjamin Berry  Henderson Sr.

The Robert Berry Fiddleton Cemetery is located about 100 Yards North East of where this back Cover picture was taken.

The previous owner had the Timber cut just before he died.



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