John Allmon Berry Ga

John Allmon Berry, son of Robert And Elizabeth Everett Berry


Generation 1 Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry

Generation 2 David J. and Mary Blalock Berry

Generation 3 Robert and Elizabeth Everitt Berry Berry

JOHN ALLMON BERRY born July 16th 1843 in Fayette County Georgia. He married Sarah Elizabeth (Sally) Starke. They had seven children . johnallmonberryhomegasmall This is John Allmon Berry’s home about 1900. The picture was taken after their son, Charles E. Berry, had married. They may be the young couple standing on the left. This might have been the family wedding  picture taken at the time of their wedding. This home-place was located just outside of Roswell  in Milton County Georgia. In 1930 Milton County Georgia was renamed Fulton County Georgia. John Allmon and two of his brothers married three sisters. The young Brides were the daughters of Jonas and Averella Kent Stark. John Allmon Berry  married Sarah “Sally” Stark, Robert Riley Berry married Martha “Mattie” Stark, and Matilda Stark William H. Berry first wife . Click on the picture to view a larger image.


  • Charles E. Berry b October 3 1869 d November 21.1933
  • Lula Octavia Berry b Sept. 4th 1871 d February 16 1955
  • John H. Berry b June 27th 1873 d August 9 1941
  • James Jefferson Berry b October 17 1875 d June 17 1948
  • Emma Averilla Berry b June 17 1879 d March 10th 1962
  • Walter L, Berry b January 7th 1881 d March 7th 1932
  • Zelia Berry b January 7th 1881 d July 23 1963


John Allmon Berry lived in Fulton County Georgia

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“John Allmon Berry and his wife Sarah lived in Milton County Georgia”

  • John A. Berry listed in Milton Coynty Georgia in 1880
  • John Allmon Berry listed in Milton County Census in 1900
  • John’s wife, Sarah E. Berry, was living with her son, James J. Berry, in 1910