John and Martha Stepp Berry

John Berry is the son of Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry

John Berry Martha Stepp

JOHN BERRY was found by a fellow researcher sometime before 2004 in a Book “GEORGIA INTESTATE RECORDS” By Jeanette Holland Auston, Genealogical Publishing Company., Inc. Baltimore 1986. In this publication it states that John Berry left 5 orphan children by the names of Joshua, Robert, Polly (Mary), Betsie (Elizabeth), and William Berry. . Polly is a nickname for Mary and Betsy is a nickname for Elizabeth. John Berry had five siblings with the same identical names which led us to believe that John was the son of Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry from Orange County. North Carolina. All of our family  researchers at the time felt that this was a true fact. It might have been simpler if another family had not already claimed that John and Martha Berry were from their clan of Berry’s. I even located one of the descendants in their line about this. She assured me that her information was correct. It was not until I located the Marriage Bond shown above in some Person County, North Carolina  Records that I knew for sure we had been correct all along. The marriage bond in Person County had misspelled John’s surname. Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry’s Homestead is less than a mile from the Person County line and Elizabeth Cate’s father had a plantation in that county.

Additional Proof: Joshua Stepp listed as head of household in the 1800 Person County, North Carolina, census. There were nine members of the Stepp remaining at home.

 John and Martha Stepp Berry named their first two sons Joshua after her father and Robert after John’s father.

We have recently located a descendant of the orphan, William Berry, and his wife Sarah Nelson. Shelby Dale Berry (deceased) took  a DNA test and matched our Robert Berry (OC) Y-DNA  participants. Archival data traces this line back to John and Martha Stepp Berry This test provided positive proof that John Berry who died in Jackson County, Georgia, was indeed the son of Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry from Orange County, North Carolina.

Census Information:                                                                                                             We have no known census information for John Berry in Georgia.                                        Birth:Jan., 1862 Death:Dec. 21, 1803

Benjamin Camp was appointed Guardian of John and Martha Stepp Berry’s five orphan children by the Jackson County, Georgia court. Apparently Benjamin Camp died between the time he appointed Guardian and  when his wife Mary Camp listed as head of household in the 1820 Jackson County, Georgia Census shown below.

August 7 1820 Jackson County, Georgia, Mary Camp Head of household  

Mary Camps 1820 census_edited-1

Mary Camps Listing:1 male 10 -15 (William age 11) 1 male 16 – 26 (Joshua age 23) 2 females between 16 – 26 ( Polly and Betsy) 1 female over 45 (Mary Camp)

August 7 1820 Jones County, Georgia, Capt Philips District

Robert M. Berry

Robert Berry 1820 Jones County GA

Robert Berry was listed as being between 26 and 44 and his wife was also listed between 26 and 44. They  had two daughters under 10 years old. Robert Berry may be the male missing in Mary Camps 1820 Jackson County Census. John and Martha Berry had a son named Robert Berry would have been about 22 or 23 years old in 1820


  1. Generation Robert and Mary Williamson Berry, Princess Anne County, Virginia.
  2.  Generation Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry  Orange County, North Carolina.

Gen 3 John Berry married Martha Stepp  Sep. 17, 1793

———–John & Martha Berry’s 5 Children:

  • Gen 4 Polly Berry (short for Mary)              born about 1793
  • Gen 4 Betsie Berry  (short for Elizabeth)   born about 1795
  • Gen 4 Joshua Berry born 1797
  • Gen 4 Robert Berry  born  1798
  • Gen 4 William Berry born 1804

Gen 4 William Berry (1804 – 1881)
            + Sarah Nelson Berry (1805 – 1883)Children:

November 22 1850 Fayette County Alabama Census

Gen 4 BERRY, Wm., 49,m, w, farmer, La.
Gen 4 BERRY, Sarah [NELSON], 35, f, w, La.
Gen 5 BERRY, Silvester, 19, m, w, farmer, Ala.
Gen 5 BERRY, Elizabeth, 17, f, w, Ala.
Gen 5 BERRY, Henry, 12, m, w, Ala
Gen 5 BERRY, Robt., 11, m, w, Ala.
Gen 5 BERRY, Cintha, 9, f, w, Ala.
Gen 5 BERRY, William, 7, m, w, Ala
Gen 5 BERRY, Joshua, 5, m, w, Ala.
Gen 5 BERRY, Sarah, 3, f, w, 11
Gen 5 BERRY, William, 1, m, w, Ala.
JOHNSON, Sarah R. [REDMAN], 38, f, w, La.?/Ga.?
JOHNSON, Thomas, 20, m, w, farmer, Ala.
JOHNSON, George, 16, m, w, farmer, Ala.
JOHNSON, Sarah, 14, f, w, Ala.
JOHNSON, Nancy, 11, f, w, Ala.1860 US CENSUS
Fayette P. O., East District, Fayette County, Alabama
Page No. 53
June 23, 1860
—————————Sylvester BERRY.He was born in Alabama, a son of William BERRY and Sarah NELSON.He married Sarah Redman JOHNSON of Fayette County, Alabama. FAMILY HISTORY THROUGH CENSUS RECORDS 1850 US CENSUS
Division 15, Fayette County, Alabama
Nov. 22, 1850
Gen 5 BERRY, Sylvester, 28, m, w, farmer, Ala.
            + Sarah [JOHNSON], 23, f, w, Ala
Gen 6 BERRY, James, 7, m, w, Ala.
Gen 6 BERRY, Jane, 6, f, w, Ala.
Gen 6 BERRY, Wm. 4, m, w, Ala.
Gen 6 BERRY, Henry, 1, m, w, Ala.1870 US CENSUS
Savannah P. O., 4th Civil District, Hardin County, Tennessee
Page No. 18 & 19
June 10, 1870
Gen 5 BERRY, Sylvester, 38, m, w, works on farm, Alabama
+ Sarah [JOHNSON], 36, f, w, keeping house, Alabama
Gen 6 BERRY, James, 18, m, w, works on farm, Alabama
Gen 6 BERRY, Jane, 16, f, w, Alabama
Gen 6 BERRY, William, 13, m, w, works on farm, Alabama
Gen 6 BERRY, Henry, 12, m, w, works on farm, Alabama
Gen 6 BERRY, George W., 9, m, w, Alabama
Gen 6 BERRY, Emily 7, f, w, Alabama1880 US CENSUS
Precinct 2, Red River County, Texas
Page No. 34-B
June 23, 1880
Gen 5 BERRY, Sylvester, w, m, 48, married farmer, Ala., Ga., Ala.
            + BERRY, Sarah [JOHNSON], w, f, 36, wife, married, keeping house, Ala, Ga., Ga.
Gen 6 BERRY, Geo. W., w, m, 20, son, single, laborer, Ala., Ala., Ala.
Gen 6 BERRY, Emma F., w, f, 16, daughter, single, Ala., Ala., Ala.
Gen 6 BERRY, John F., w, m, 9, son, single, Tenn., Ala., Ala.
Gen 6 BERRY, Ulysses, w, m, 7, son, single, Tenn., Ala., Ala.
Gen 6 BERRY, Lee S., w, m, 3, son, single, Texas, Ala., Ala.
Gen 6 BERRY, William S., w, m, 23, widow, laborer, Ala., Ala., Ala
Gen 6 BERRY, Conly, w, m, 4, son, single, Texas, Ala., Miss.
Gen 6 BERRY, Alvary, w, m, 2, son, single, Texas, Ala., Miss.1900 US CENSUS
Township 2 North, Range 4 East, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory
June 23, 1900
Gen 5 BERRY, Sylvester B., head, w, m, Jan 1840, 70, married 50 years, Alabama, Georgia, Georgia, farmer
         + BERRY, Sarah R. [JOHNSON], wife, w, f, Feb. 1834, 66, married 50 years, 10 children, 7 living, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama
JOHNSON, Frances, Nephew, w, m, Aug. 1858, 41, single, Alabama, Alabama, Alabama, farmer SOURCE:
Texas Certificate of Death
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