John W. Berry NC

John W. Berry, Is The Son Of John Robert Berry


Generation 1 Robert and Mary Williamson Berry

Generation 2 Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry

Generation 3 William Berry and Hannah Cate

Generation 4 Thomas Person Berry and Sarah Lunsford

Generation 5 John Robert Berry and Elizabeth Francis Bowling


John W. Berry was born February 2nd 1871 in Orange County NC and died on December 22nd 1923. John never married and lived in a small house back of his fathers home. From the census I found that he was an egg salesman.He is burried at Berry’s Grove Baptist Church.To view a larger picture of John W. Berry’s head stone or John W. Berry and his horse CLICK ON THE PICTURES

John W. Berry always lived in Orange County North Caolina

January 15, 2008


“ The last census that John W. Berry was in was 1920. He died in 1923”

  • John W. Berry has not been found in the 1900 census
  • John W. Berry was living with his father in the 1910 Census
  • John W. Berry was living a a boarder and was listed as an egg salesman in 1920