Pattie S. Berry NC

Pattie S. Berry, Was The Daughter Of John Robert Berry and Elizabeth Francis Bowling


Generation 1 Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry

Generation 2 William and Hannah Cate Berry

Generation 3 Thomas Person and Sarah Lunsford Berry

Generation 4 John Robert and Elizabeth Francis Bowling Berry

PATTIE S. BERRY was born on August 8th 1886. She only lived for 29 years because she died on December 12th 1915. She married Felix C. Wilson sometime around 1911 Her son was born in September 1912. My mother was 7 years old when her aunt Pattie died. She told me there was snow on the ground when they buried Patty Berry Wilson. Mother said she remembered following the wagon in the snow on the way to the Church Cemetery. On the right you see a picture of Patty S. Berry who was one of four daughters of John Robert and Elizabeth Francis Bowling Berry. You may CLICK in the picture to view a larger Image


  • Felix C. Wilson jr. b September 12th 1912 and died in February 1986. 

Pattie and her husband were living in Sandford N.C. when she died

January 21, 2008


“ TO Pattie Berry Wilson and her husband Felix C. Wilson never listed in a census as husband and wife.”

  • To Be Researched
  • To Be Researched