Roseann Frances Berry

Roseann Frances Berry is the daughter of William Clarence and Sally Bowles Berry


Generation 1 Robert and Mary Williamson Berry

Generation 2 Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry

Generation 3 David J. and Mary Blalock Berry

Generation 4 William Clarence and Sally Bowles Berry

Roseann Frances Berry.was born in 1833 in Orange County North Carolina. She is the daughter of William Clarence Berry and Sally Bowles Berry. Sally Bowles Berry died when Roann was born or shortly afterwards. William Clarence Berry and his brother, Thomas Person Berry,sold their jointly owned property on September 19th 1833. It is my belief that William, Thomas and their other brother, Robert C. Berry, had decided to go to Fayette County Alabama where their Uncle Robert Berry Jr and his family settled in 1824. Their half sister, Elizabeth Berry Franklin and her husband Theodrick Franklin decided to go to a Alabama with Elizabeth’s three brothers. When the trip to Alabama occurred in 1834 all of the children were very young. Roann was a year old, George Rufus was 5, and Elizabeth Jane was 3. Theodric and Elizabeth Franklin’s daughter,Temperance Jane Franklin, was 2.I am not certain if Thomas Person Berry and his new wife Sarah Lunsford Berry went with this wagon train. The thing that makes me think this may have happened is the long period of time when Thomas and Sarah were married and when their first child was born. Thomas and Sarah were married 28th of September 1831 and their first son was born 5 years later in 1836. Theodrick and Elizabeth Franklin had a son, Henry Berry Franklin, born in Alabama in 1835. Hannah Cate Berry may also have gone to Alabama with her children and grandchildren. If this is what happened then Thomas Person Berry, his wife, Sarah Lunsford Berry. and his mother, Hannah Cate Berry, returned to North Carolina before 1836.

Roann France Berry married Riley Kissiah on December 23rd 1860. She was married in George Rufus Berry’s home. Riley was killed in the Civil War. The couple had a daughter and Roaan Berry Kissiah never married again. On March 5th 1867 Roann and three of her brothers went to Burnet County Texas to homestead.
Roann Frances Kissiah died on August 11 1922 in McCulloch County Texas.


  • Ailla (Fanny) Frances Kissiah was born in July 1862 and died in 1945.She married Anderson Farquhar McCoy. 

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