Robert T Berry

  • Robert T Berry has a descendant who matches My William Berry YDNA by 66 of 77 markers

At the present time we do not know who his father was but here is what we do Know

  1. Robert Berry and Mary Williamson Princess Ann County Virginia
  2. Robert Berry and Elizabeth Cate Orange County NC
  3. Berry Unknown
  4. Robert T Berry (Susan Roberson is Robert T Berry’s mother)

What we know

  • Ruben and Elizabeth Blankenship Coosa County Alabama
  • Edith Blankenship is the daughter of Ruben and Elizabeth Blankenship
  • Edith Blankenship Married Thomas Roberson in Bibb County Alabama July 9 1823
  • Susan Roberson was living with her mother Eda (Edith) Roberson was living on the next farm adjoining her Father and Mother and listed head of household in the 1850 Coosa County Alabama Census shown below  and her husband Thomas Roberson was gone.

1850 Susan Roberson coosa county ALA copy

D A Roberson 1870 age 8 A

D A Roberson was Dorothy Ann Roberson Age 8 and the daughter of Elishia Roberson Age 48 as seen in the above 1870 Census. This means she was born in 1862.

June 5 1880 Robert T Berry family chart

Something happened to Thomas Roberson between 1830 and 1850 because Eda Roberson was still listing her married name  in the 1850 Census above.  Robert Roberson age 3/12 is really Robert T Berry who was born in 1849.

RT BERRY marriage record B copy

June 29 1900 chart

April 26 1910 chart

January 12 & 13 1920 chart

April 7 1930 chart

April 1 1940 chart

Susan Roberson Marriage

Sarah E and William FAgrave


In 1920 Robert T Berrys wife was listed as Mary Ann. This led to speculation that Robert T Berry had remarried. In the chart below the birth year was the same. Dorothy Ann  Robinson Berry is buried beside her Husband

Dorothy Ann Berry chart

Robert T BerryFind a Grave


Sarah E Berry was likely named Sarah Elizabeth Berry and nicknamed Lizzie by her family. She was not with the family in every census but was listed as Sarah E Berry in most of them She was the daughter of Robert T and Dorothy Ann Berry. The chart below should explain that Lizzie Berry and Sarah E. Berry is really the same person

Sarah Elizabeth McWilliams Chart

Mrs Dotha Ann Berry 1940 D Social security