Roberts traits

In my research I have become to know a lot about the man, Our Robert Berry who made a life for himself and his family in Orange County North Carolina.

Robert had a very good start in life when he inherited the property in Princess Anne County Virginia from his father’d will.

Robert was a great business person which is substantiated by the fact that he accumulated about a 1002.25 acres of land in his lifetime.

  1. Original Granville Land Grant for 263 acres on December 3, 1753.
  2. In 1785 he purchased 200 acres from John McCullough for 25 pounds 4 schillings Proclamation Money.
  3. In 1787 he purchased the Patrick Rutherford property on 247.25 acres adjoining the southern boundary of the land grant property from Patrick’s three sons, William, James, and Thomas Rutherford . Orange County Deed Book 4 Page 518.
  4. Robert Berry was granted another 293 acers of land adjoining hie East boundary on March 13, 1780. Orange County Deed Book 42 Page 19

Robert Berry’s Civic duties included serving on jury duty, Chain carrier during survey to locate a road, serving on road building crews as a worker and as the overseer as many as three times and serving as a private in the Continental Army.

Robert Berry allowed his daughter Elizabeth Berry to live in his home until his granddaughter Mary Berry (born out of wedlock) was grown and married. This may have been because  Elizabeth was raped but in those times some families would not have allowed this even under those circumstances.

The most reveling information came from the will he wrote in 1712