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Pictures for Thomas And Sarah Cate Berry Family


  1. Generation Robert and Mary Williamson Berry , Princess Anne County, Virginia.
  2. Generation Robert and Elizabeth Cate Berry, Orange County , North Carolina.
  3. Generation Thomas and Sarah Cate Berry Orange County NC & Wayne County Tennessee

DAVID II BERRY was born about 1802 and was Thomas and Sarah Berry’s only son. David was about six years when he, his sister Eleanor and his mother Sarah moved in with his aunt Hannah. David’s first cousin Thomas Person Berry was a baby when David moved in but David lived with his aunt Hannah and her children from about 1808 until about 1815. Both husbands had gone to the west in search of land. Thomas apparently was killed by Indians and Sarah was forced to start a new life for herself and her children. David was about thirteen years old when his mother married John Pigg and removed to Tennessee. David lived the rest of his life in Tennessee and for a short time worked in Alabama. He married Elizabeth Shipman about 1826. They had fourteen children comprising of eight boys and six girls. David Berry and Elizabeth both died around 1882 and are buried in the Jackson Cemetery in Wayne County at Cypress Inn Tennessee


David’s son Isaac Berry was born in Cypress Inn Wayne County Tennessee on October 26 1837 In 1864 he married Amanda Josephine Blackwood from Hardin County Tennessee. They raised nine children. On February 13 1916 Amanda died and was buried in the Jackson Cemetery in Wayne County at Cypress Inn Tennessee. Isaac only lived about 1 1/2 years after Amanda died. He died one day after his birthday on October 27 1917 at the age of 80.


There are six generations of the David Berry family buried in the Jackson Cemetery in Cypres Inn, Wayne County Tennessee. James David Berry was the oldest child of Isaac and Amanda Josephine Berry. He was born on the 15 of September 1865. Jim Dave as he was called by his family was almost four years older than my grandfather Wiley P. Berry who was born in Orange County North Carolina on September 8, 1769. These two men were 3rd cousins and never knew each other. Isaac and Amanda Berry had eight other children and all of them were born in Wayne County Tennessee




Jim Dave Berry's home

L to R Farm hand, Robert Benson, Ode Berry, Ernest John Berry, Thelma Berry (baby), Emma Lee Stults, Obie Berry, Jim Dave Berry, and Cove Berry


This picture was taken by me in 2005 of the Jim Dave Berry’s Home Place

They all lived their lives there and most of them died there. One of the remarkable things about finding all our cousins there is that the curent descendants have pictures of this complete Isaac Berry line. This also includes their tombstones which I am showing beside our Cousins who are buried there. James David Berry married Melissa Harlow who was born September 17 1865 just two days after Jim Dave. Melissa was born in Lewis County Tennessee and she and Jim Dave got married about 1888 they had three sons and a daughter.


The picture at the top of this page s that of James David Berry’s family and their home. This building is still standing today but nobody has lived in it for a while now. Melissa Harlow Berry did not live to be very old as she was only 49 years old when she died on November 6th 1914. Jim Dave lived another 16 years and died on May 30th 1930. Here is another interesting two day fact, James David Berry died two days after I was born. Ode Berry was born in Wayne County in Cypress Inn on December 2nd,1888. His wife Emma Lee Stults was also born in Wayne County on September 5 1890.. They got married the day after Christmas December 26, 1909. This couple had four girls and three boys. Emma outlived Ode Berry by about 28 years. Ode died In Wayne County on the 8th of February 1951. Emma died October 14, 1979 in Spencer Tennessee.


Ernest John Berry was the oldest son of Ode and Emma Berry He was born on November 25 1911 in Wayne County Tennessee. He had six brothers and sisters. Ernest John grew up and remained in Cypress Inn just like all the rest of his ancestors. On December the 24th 1936 he married Roxie Berry who was born March 5th 1917 in Wayne County Tennessee.. Roxie Berry was no relation to the Thomas Berry family who lived in the same County. At the age of 66 years old Ernest John Berry died on November 14, 1977. Roxie lived for another thirty years and just died March 1st, 2007. She had lived for ninety years in Cypress Inn Tennessee.

John Allen Berry and Roxie Berry 2005

John Allen Berry and his mother Roxie Berry 2005